Who be the clannies?

You mean what does it really mean for this blog to be about Singapore Cats: the Homeless, the Homeseeking, and the Homeslackers of the 2 kitty mojo robbing siblings who serve the CLAN?

Well, two things answer this question:

  • A list of Pages aka “All our notes“. Get on the inside track about the Clannies, the homeseekers, and the homeslackers. Plus, the minions’ thoughts and comments on providing for your personal clans (TLC pages).
  • A list of CATegories. Find and read blog entries about the clannies by name.

2 responses to “Who be the clannies?

  1. Hi

    Your blog / website is the best I seen concerning animal welfare, Have you a direct e-mail address that I can use rather than publish my enquiry on the blog


  2. Peter,
    Our email address is sephycat at gmail dot com