Appeal for help for a paralysed cat, Debbie (singaporecats, 20060116)

Debbie, a young calico community cat, was ran over in a hit-and-run somewhere in Ang Mo Kio, in early Dec 05.


Foster Mum, a kind lady who rescues cats in Singapore, took over this sweet girl who was paralysed by the callous driver, who left her writhing in pain.

Debbie’s injury occured in early December. She is a stray, and was fed and cared for by a group of young girls who do not have large incomes.

After her accident, her carers were at a loss about how to care for her… she was brought home and as they worked long hours, she was attended to only twice a day, and was not given medical attention as they could not afford it. After searching for nearly a month – for boarding, fostering, whatever could be offered, they finally found and persuaded Foster Mum to take over Debbie’s care.

Debbie is a purring machine with the most expressive eyes, as you can see from her pictures, and has loads of fighting spirit, despite her disability and the fact that she now needs her poo and piss expressed everyday and need to be massaged and turned periodically.

Foster Mum rejected 3 different vets’ recommendations to put her down, and is now looking for donations to get her fitted with her own wheels and to build up reserves for her possible medical needs.


Funds are needed for the following:

  • pay for Debbie’s wheels (currently being built by a kind-hearted person locally)
  • materials to plug the drain gaps in Foster Mum’s yard so that Debbie will be able to wheel herself around safely
  • build up Debbie’s medical funds

If you would like to help sponsor the wheels Debbie or help defray part of Debbie’s medical bills, please write to sephycat at gmail dot com, we’ll put you in touch with Foster Mum. (Note: Debbie, whose real name is Gabbie, has full sponsorship now.)


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