An evening of great sorrow (vegancatsg, 20060120)

What is abandonment if not cruelty?

7.10pm: Carol said she saw a nervous whitish kitten running to hide a car while walking to the carpark where I was waiting to drive to the vet clinic. She thought it was a “new” abandonee.

7.30pm: We arrived at the clinic and picked up the two boys sterilized yesterday. The calico girl was eating well and so we left her to recuperate till Monday. One of the boys were too fierce to be transferred into a carrier, so we took him back in the trap.

8.15pm. We released the tom-prince at the block next to one car park. Then I drove to the adjacent car park to release the tom-king junior at the block next to it. I drove out of the carpark and was about to park to let Carol off when she screamed. A car directly opposite mine was reversing out the car park lot and ran over a kitten with a thump. The driver would have seen the convulsing kitten as the headlights were shining on it but he just drove off.

vegancatsg and Carol endured a night of sorrow and anguish, as they helped this abandoned kitten on his way. But it needn’t have been, if he wasn’t abandoned, and if the reckless driver who reversed his car was a bit more careful and conscientious. But regardless of the blame of the idiot who just drove off after committing this heinous crime, the biggest blame must lie with the person(s) who abandoned him.

Nameless abandoned kitten as life slipped slowly, ever so excruciating slowly away. (video of his last moments)

The kitten had beautiful blue eyes and a check revealed it was a boy. Carol then recognised this blue-eyed boy as the kitten she first saw at the carpark about a week ago. We couldn’t find him to trap last evening. He was a recent abandonee and had not yet learnt to be streetwise.

I whispered prayers into his ears. I stroked his head, his chin and his chest. I kissed him on the side of his face. Blood started to ooze from his mouth. He took his last breath at 8.47pm.

We wept.

This is how some abandoned cats and kittens “vanished”.

If only we can let the people who abandoned this sweet kitten know what they had done!

WHAT could possess people to abandon?? Why does it have to be this way?

It is symptomatic of Singaporeans callousness – have cats, but don’t sterilise, when people complain of the cauterwauling, abandon. Convenient excuse? “Forgot.” “No money.” “My religion forbids.”

Excuse me?

Forgot? How the heck do you forget something like sterilisation for your cat when he/she is always reminding you, the girl with her heat cycles, and the boy with his incessant need to wander and his irrepressible response to caterwauling receptive females? Plus the territorial spraying of urine, the stink must be a potent reminder.

No money? How much is a sterilisation operation? It is just a ONE-TIME expense. These people can afford cigarettes, branded goods, nights out on the town, makeup, designer clothes, but can’t spare $100 (tops) to send their cat for a ONE-TIME sterilisation operation? Despite all the benefits for the pet cat and the pet “owners”?

Religious forbiddence? Even the major religions SUPPORT sterilisation, so divine mandate is no excuse either.

Even if no one complains, when the unsterilised cats of irresponsible owners have kittens, abandon – convenient excuse? Can’t take care of them.

If sterilisation had been done for the parents, and the pet cat KEPT INDOORS, would there be a problem with an endless parade of kittens to find homes for? Between pregnancy and birth, there is at least 1-3 months, depending on how attentive the owners are to their cat, where they can start finding homes for her babies.

There is no excuse for anyone to suddenly want to dump a whole litter of kittens, when  ADVANCE NOTICE of their arrival was plain to see. No one can’t claim ignorance of a possible end like the poor ran-over kitten. NO ONE, NO ONE can be that impervious and ignorant. No pet owners can absolve THEMSELVES of THEIR responsiblity, no matter how they try to slither out of it.

The biggest crime, always, lies with the abandoner. The blood of all those innocent lives are on irresponsible Singaporeans, the heartless ones.

Seems like we’re not the only ones who are enraged by this kitten’s death, additional comments: Tragic end of an abandoned kitten! (singaporecats, 20060120)

And yet, we keep coming across people who threaten abandonment if their kittens are not adopted, eg case Please help..kittens to be adopted or else to Spca or thrown to the street! (singaporecats, 20051010)

Today, someone has again tried this stupid tack of emotional blackmail. What’s rich is that she spammed Dawn’s blog, no less, about her friend “urgently” needing homes for TEN kittens, and threatening abandonment otherwise.

She claimed her friend posted to CWS and did not receive any response. I take high umbrage with that claim. As an active user of the CWS adoption board, and being familar with how it works, I have my doubts about this claim. Read Dawn’s response and see if you fit the puzzle together and catch the flaw in this someone’s claim.

I’m not interested in finding out anything else about this spam, I only hope this spammer will do the right thing and ensure her friend does not commit the unforgivable crime of abandonment.

What’s the gist of this post? Simple, I want to know, as do many enquiring minds: what will it take for these irresponsible, selfish, self-delusional, and rude Singaporeans to wake up??


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