WPDS: The impervious midnight litter-bug feeder

btmao feeds the Area 3 Clan members brekkies and dindins, 7 days a week.

But when she first started, she only served breakfast, as there was another feeder who did the night rounds.

This feeder, a self-styled care-giver had seemed at first to be committed. But with time, we’ve been inexorably drawn to a reclassification.

She was not a care-giver. If any’s due for mojo-removal, she notifies us, makes excuses for not handling it herself, and asks that we do the honours and split the bills with her. She never pays. If any cat gets sick, she notifies us, sometimes very dramatically, makes excuses for not handling it herself, and asks that we do the honours and split the bills with her. She never pays. So she was merely a midnight feeder.

Worse, she was irresponsible, to the point of abject incorrigibility. Despite our repeating, ad nauseum, the importance of responsible feeding, she continued her habit of leaving enough food to feed a whole army.

Every morning, btmao was greeted with tons of leftovers, infested with ants. Passers-by gave dirty looks of course. There was no other choice, and btmao became her cleaning service. So this feeder was a irresponsible midnight litter-bug feeder.

This feeder proved to be impervious. We tried reason (“CWS also say…”), logic (leftovers attract ants, unhygienic, waste), emotional (the cats will get killed! K.I.L.L.E.D!), and even outright told her we’ll take over the night-feeding, and she can go concentrate on the ones in her own neighbourhood. But no, she persisted. We even used her religious leanings and tried to drill the concept of guilt by fait accompli, aka her irresponsible feeding. But all it achieved were threats that she would REALLY stop, and that we were monsters for trying to pin religious transgressions/impiety on her. We rubbed our hands in gleeful anticipation that she would finally stop endangering the Area 3 gangs and relieve btmao of her cleaning-up duty. But to our chagrin, this feeder was just making empty threats.

So she was a irresponsible, impervious midnight litter-bug feeder. And what a prime specimen she was of WPDS too.

If ever any defense department needs new angles on bullet-proofing, she could probably patent and sell her imperviousness, and be set for life.

She haunted and frustrated us, well, mostly btmao, for 4 years, at least. We despaired of making her see reason. And short of murder, it seemed that there was no getting rid of her.

We were dead-ended. But Bast was looking out for the gangs it seemed. Late last year, after almost a year of threatening to stop feeding and move out, she finally moved out!

At last, the light at the end of the tunnel got through, for the Area 3 gangs and btmao’s sanity.

So now, btmao serves 2 meals, 7 days a week, and is thankful for the fact that the dangers posed by the impervious midnight litter-bug feeder (imlf) has been resolved.


3 responses to “WPDS: The impervious midnight litter-bug feeder

  1. Haha…i think we all have our share of recalcitrant feeders. In our area, we labelled the such MW (Seow Charboh)after she tore off my Tshirt two years ago when I started trapping cat in this estate that I had just moved in. She said the cat that Carol and I trapped from her block was “too young”. She had to show “she is boss” despite us trapping, us sending to vet and us paying the bill.
    This lady feeds all the way from her block to as far as 1km away and she left a trail of mess.
    Not too long ago, in a conversation with Carol when she criticized us for not helping to trap the cats at her block, despite us offering to reimburse her bill of sterilization as well as taxi fare, she retorted, “How can i trust you all!”.
    She threatened not to feed at our precinct and Carol could barely conceal her glee. Since then she makes only occasional guest appearance and hence we have less mess now to clear up.
    We are prepared to fingerpoint at her if there is any complaint of cat-feed mess.

  2. Bwahahahahaahhahahahah!!!!!!!!!

    Well at least she’s gone now. Takes all sorts to make the world.

    Or like a friend of mine once said, “Life is one huge tossed salad, and sometimes you get the fruit and nuts”.

    I really wonder what goes on in their minds.

  3. vegancatsg, catdonna,
    Thanks for the commiserating.

    Wait for the stroy of Encik Yes-I-see,I-understand. If you like IMLF, I’m sure you’ll enjoy that one even more. I just need to un-brainfreeze enough from the aftermath of talking to him to write up a proper one.