Homeseeker: Cassie

Update: this photo taken on 24 Oct. (EDIT: Cassie’s new adoption writeup here.)

Cassie is a slender 6-8 month old female black and white kitten, with a perfect tail. She is gentle and quiet, but very affectionate.

Cassie has been sterilised-she turned up with a tipped ear. Her vaccination and litter-box training status unknown.

If you or anyone you know is interested to take away Cassie’s bewilderment, and give this affectionate young girl a home, please write to sephycat at gmail dot com.

Her Story
Cassie has been in the carpark of the Clans’ Area 1 since yesterday, May 31.

A friend found her in her condo area, and so we do not know much about this lovely young cat. Cassie’s an ‘immigrant’, as our friend could not house her, and was not able to find alternatives in time. She had arranged with the condo security guards to hold Cassie in a cage she provided, while she tried to finalise boarding arrangements. Twice a day, she would feed Cassie and clean out the cage.

However, a few days later, she went early in the morning to the guardhouse to find the cage empty – the guards had sent Cassie to AVA without telling her! She scrambled and called AVA to release Cassie to her.

Cassie was saved from death, and not a moment too soon.

As Foster Mum’s was also full, we came up with the next best thing – relocate her to Area 1 where btmao and I can look out for her and hope for the best. Cassie stayed right where we released her in the Area 1 carpark, a sign that she was not a homeless cat. (EDIT: Cassie has been moved into the cattery on 24 Jan 07)

Now an honorary member of the Gangs (we hope to get her off the streets and into a home soon), Cassie is getting used to life there. But with her very clean and healthy physical condition, her fearlessness around humans, and the way she seem to be waiting for someone or something, it is obvious that she’s an abandoned pet. She is very affectionate and has no behaviour problems that we can discern. She loves to sit on laps and she wags her tail when she’s happy like a dog.

Why or how anyone can discard her and nearly cause her to die is beyond comprehension.

Pictures at the moment of her location into Area 1:

Hungry baby

Seeking solace

Wondering which way is home?

Hoping for an answer


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