Daily Archives: October 4, 2006

The little black girl is now Omi

She’s still around! btmao has fed her, and was pleased to see her, still staked out in her drain.

We decided, or rather btmao decided to call her Omi, because that’s the first thing btmao said for her: “Omi Tor Hood”, a little Budhhist chant for her safety and well-being. It departs from our naming convention of starting Area 2s with “B”, but what the heck, I hope she’ll keep too.

Amusingly, Sasha’s still clueless about what to do with her, and Buddy continues to be tolerant. I hope the peace lasts.


Bad news: Angel is FiV

Poor Angel. I had thought things are looking up for her – a young lady, A, is interested in adopting her and we’ve made an appointment for Saturday evening!

Granted, testing postive for FiV isn’t an immediate death sentence, and it doesn’t mean the end of the world for Angel. Still, I cannot, in all honesty, give Angel to A even if she’s interested now, especially since A is a student who doesn’t seem to have much time to spare and doesn’t have a lot of awareness or experience with cats.

I’ve sms’d A and told her Angel is sick and not ready for adoption, but there are still other cats who are waiting for a home. I’m glad to say that A is still keen to visit the cattery.

We’ll be there, and hopefully, someone else will get a home.

I will also check with Foster Mum on Angel’s condition, and then report to her sponsors. Hopefully, they are cool with footing her medical bills, if any.