Daily Archives: October 16, 2006

New TLC articles – cat parent shopping checklist

Well, I added a few articles. I promised S the info, and since it’s useful, and i’ve said the same things to other potentials before, I thought, why not write it down.

Here’s the list of TLC articles I gave to S, with asterisks marking the new additions:

Things to buy/prepare

I should make a template out of this!

EDIT (20061022): Here’s the template.


Food… and suppliers

Well, as mentioned, food was discussed with Frankie’s visitor, S. i had 2 surprises from that conversation.

It’s interesting, in particular, as she’s just heard of Natural Balance the day before, as a supplier gave her BF, who has cats, some samples.

I was surprised at that, because it was such a contrast with the situation when btmao and I were searching high and low for a supplier who was willing to bring it in for us just a year ago.

The galling part then was that NB’s dog formulas were already popular and well-established here, and various of these suppliers we approached never went through on their promise to help us with getting the cat food in.

The other surprise I got was the shop that gave S the samples. Before we found our current supplier, J, who was the only one who did bring in NB’s cat food for us, we were using another supplier shop, which we shall call N.

When we first got in contact with N, we were ultra- impressed with them because they were the only suppliers who were even aware of something other than price and size of the products they carry, J being the second one. And what a difference in work ethics between N and J!

Among many other things that happened, we had asked N to help us bring in NB – and they said no, because in their assessment, it was overpriced, and not worth it, and as they believed in giving their client value for money, they would NEVER have NB in the shop because according to them, its quality was that bad. They said it with such a tone of righteousness, but look who’s giving out NB samples now – N, it’s the shop that gave S the NB samples! (We found out the more plausible reason for N to be so anti-NB but that is not something for online public consumption)

Things deteriorated as we realised the nature of the creatures running N. Our relationship with N fizzled out of course. We were deceived and our trust betrayed. The lesson here: talk is cheap, open your eyes, WIDE.