Izzy boy

He’s a photogenic boy, is Izzy – these are just some of the pictures I took today.

Grooming is everything

Bosom buddies! Izzy baby! He loves being carried upright, like a human kid.

Another view of those beautiful stripes


I’ve got a question for you —-

Wanna see me grooming my lovely coat? Curious, huh? Huh?

UPDATE 20061118: Izzy has got a dad now, and is no longer looking for a home. Thank you for your interest.

(If you’ve come to this page via the Cat Welfare Society’s Public Adoption Bulletin Board, click here to return.)

6 responses to “Izzy boy

  1. So this is Izzy! Met him a few times at the cattery. He IS a handsome boy. 🙂

  2. Thank you, Cat!

    He’s a greeter and kisser, ain’t he? We hope he’ll get a good home where he’ll get the attention he craves, which he deserves, he’s such a good boy!

  3. he is SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i have a cat at home but he is so not a kisser attention cat..
    really hope your cat gets adotped soon.
    by the way, hwere is the cattery?

  4. Hi, grey!
    Thank you. Izzy is the undisputed king of cute.

    If you’re interested to visit him, write us at sephycat at gmail dot com.


  5. Hi i ve jus sent an email to sephycat@gmail.com with regards to viewing and adoption of Izzy. I got this link through cat welfare society. hope to get a response from you. Thank you.

  6. Hello! Noted, and contact info fwded. Thanks!