Visit! Mandy and Merlea

Yesterday, we paid a second visit to Mandy, who was adopted late last year. The first time we visited was early this year, and she did not look very different from this picture of hers we used to post her adoption notice.

Yesterday, it was clear how much she’s grown!

Mandy is the second child of M. Merlea is the first. This picture isn’t so clear (simply because photographer calsifer sucks at digicam pic taking) , but Mandy just has a splash of tabby on her right flank, which seemed to have been leeched from the corresponding location on Merlea’s side!

M gave the girls their high, and this is the result – the girls spacing out on catnip:

Here’s the girls in action, junkified and high (my first attempt at vidding, so please bear with me – it was really entertaining, ring-side):


2 responses to “Visit! Mandy and Merlea

  1. Hi,
    Found your website by chance while browsing thru The CatWelfare link. I make it a point to view the cats pix cos I SIMPLY LOVE CATS! I have 5 at home not including the strays that I feed in my neighbourhood.

  2. Hi Ann,
    Thank you for dropping us a note, always nice to hear from visitors. 🙂

    So you also do TNRM for your neighbourhood cats? COOL! Someday we should start a mojo-robbers club 😉