Daily Archives: October 23, 2006

Macy Pill’d – not yet

Macy, after taking her medicine like the good girl she is yesterday, rejected btmao’s ministrations this morning by foaming and spitting the pill out. Tonight, I shall have to go with her and foie gras feed the girl.


Today’s special: raw ikan bilis again

Just back from feeding Cara , Cassie and Ivan, btmao was in a fluster. The raw ikan bilis/salted fish leaver is back.

Shall have to put on the PR face, and try to find out who… the usual suspects remain the likeliest suspects. Honestly, I am beginning to lose patience with them!

Updates to TLC articles

After speaking to S yesterday, I realised info on the carrier choice, and drinking fountain pages of the cat parent info ref list need to be updated.

Basically, I added info on what to look out for when selecting a carrier and a drinking fountain. Make the info more informative.