Daily Archives: October 26, 2006

I spy – A Handsome Ginger Tom

I was out late, shoving a listening ear at a friend who wasn’t in desperate need of one.

By the time I got to homebase, aka Area 1, I spotted a cat chilling out at the borderlands.

Didn’t look familiar and we don’t know anyone who might be ginger-coloured. So I went for a closer look. It was a great-looking ginger tabby. Big-headedness of course tell us he is VIRILE.

I thought at first he might have a stumpy tail, but no, when he realised someone was near, he jumped a bit, and scooted a little way off – showing off his beautiful long tail. It ended in a very cute little off-white tip.

I wasn’t subtle about my approach, so this guy was either trusting or spacing out.

When he got back his composure, he actually turned tum-up! Definitely a trusting guy just spacing out then.


Flea Market Update: Open Stage 7

More details on the locale/event of the Paw Pledge flea market fundraiser mentioned.

DATE! Flea Market – Kitty Fundraiser on 28 Oct, Sat

Where: Substation (near Old National Library)
When: Saturday, 28 October 2006 (6pm to midnight)

All proceeds will go to the Paw Pledge Cattery
and the cattery’s stray animal welfare program.

The flea market booth is sponsored by an animal lover and an Event Management Specialist – Alan Chua.

For more information on the cattery, visit their booth this Saturday or go to the pawpledge website.

About the cattery
A non-profit, private cattery started by a passionate caregiver. PawPledge depends on donations and the goodwill of compassionate caregivers who contribute to the cattery’s upkeep. PawPledge always welcome new volunteers, members and most importantly, good homes for their affectionate rescued cats from all over Singapore island.