Daily Archives: October 27, 2006

Snowball: to eat or not to eat?

Foster Mum has been updating me about Snowball. Though the vet wasn’t concerned about his lack of appetite, Foster Mum was a bit more worried, as she has seen cases where the cat, abandoned or hospitalised, shuts his system up , and die as a result.

This is no romanticised fancy of cats pining to the death. We’ve a near experience when Teddy, our 9-year-old coot, was warded for blocked urinary tract issues at age 3. He did absolutely nothing, no food, drink, grooming, movement or sound. NOTHING. This was the entire time he was warded, and by the 7th day, the vet determined that he had to go home or die there.

Back to topic. Last night, Snowball’s first meal with Foster Mum consisted of exactly 18 kibbles – force-fed after prolonged cajoling yielded no results. Today wasn’t hopeful, as the morning saw his continued unappetite. Foster Mum has been been syringing him with glucose and nutrient supplements to sustain him.

But while I was hiring out my listening ear last evening, Foster Mum called, excited and happy that Snowball had eaten half a can of wet food. Let’s help this is the real break in his unappetite.