Martin’s gangland

Sunday morning, despite btmao’s lateness to the morning feed, the Area 3 clannies were still out and about – awaiting the mobile kitchen.

These are the members of Martin’s gang:

The meown himself


He’s definitely got his paw on things. He’s the head of the furmeelee, and he shows his class by letting the others eat first – he never forgets his table manners, ladies and kids go first. He oozes maschimo whenever strangers prowl onto his turf, no stranger-tom in town stays around for long. But for some strange reason, he accepts Macy, Mary and Marcus as members of his pack. In fact, he nursemaided Marcus from kittenhood. It’s no fluke either. Before Marcus, he’d raised Matthew (who succumbed to dogs/car), but he sure ain’t no Departed Francis Costello! He’s alive, he’s good looking, he’s loveable, he’s got his psyche on straight, and he definitely has no mojo. Gumption and spunk, yes, but zero mojo.

Macy Little

Macy has since recovered from her cough/sniffles. Thank goodness! She is the friendliest of the gang, and we worry about her safety, on top of the fretting over her sniffle runs. Luckily she has Martin looking out for her.

Mary Mary quite contrary

Mary is a very sweet looking pretty wth a perfect tail. But she has a temper to match: she is forever swiping at Macy. When Marcus first appeared, she added the little tyke to her swipelist with glee. Only Martin can stand her down. And he does, frequently. Mary’s a lot more mellow now. Perhaps she’s reconciled the fact that the more she swipe, the less friends she’s got, and it’s not like she’s got a wide circle of them.

Marcus Omega

Marcus was a lucky kitt at 2 or so months. He met Martin, who took him under his furry paws, unlike the typical mature cat with a tuft of his own. In the beginning, he was littler than petite Macy, and was the butt of her swipes. She wised up as he grew and outlengthed her. Mary of course enjoyed her share of swipetime too, and has also wised-up since.

Marcus has definitely grown, bigger and stocky. But he remains sweet-natured – sadly it also means he remains omega. Marcus does have the irritating habit of wanting to sample the newest dollop of grub. Martin always give way benignly as the omega shoves his face into Martin’s food.

Marcus has never outgrown his jumpiness, which is great for his survival – if only Macy could get 1% of his jumpiness. The only one he really trusts is btmao.


One response to “Martin’s gangland

  1. Martin is such an angel. i guess a lot of ‘humans’ should learn from him.