No-Kill Communities and the importance of TNRM

In relation to my previous entry about the Singapore SPCA’s 90% kill-rate, Dawn spoke a bit about No-Kill Communities and the importance of TNRM and also provided very useful links. I’m just going to quote the entire blog entry:

No-Kill Communities and the importance of TNRM

I’ve been reading up about communities and countries that have implemented or plan to implement no-kill policies in their cities. New York City for example with a population of 8 million people and tens of thousands of homeles cats is setting a goal of a No-Kill city by 2008. This does not mean that no animals are ever killed. What it does mean is that any adoptable animal in a shelter will not be put down.

San Francisco has also been a model for no-kill and their euthanasia rate has dropped dramatically?. What is the main thing that helps to drive down the number of animals killed? By decreasing the number of animals going into shelters in the first place through sterilisation, and by increasing adoptions of animals in the shelters. The welfare groups also work closely with animal control in their city.

As this article Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals says, “It all starts with Spay/Neuter” (read the box inset on the first page).

If there is no end to the number of animals entering shelters, then there is no way to get them all adopted. What needs most urgently to be tackled is the number of unwanted animals born every year. This is especially so in Singapore, where we are a little island with barely any space for shelters. If 1000 cats are taken off the street, it’s only a matter of time before you pick up another 1000. Where in Singapore will we find homes for so many animals?

If however, the next 1000 aren’t born because of aggressive sterilisation, and cats can be managed in good TNRM groups, then the situation becomes more manageable.

For more insight and info:

The No Kill Advocacy Center‘s resource center, note especially the Nathan Winograd articles.


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  1. Dear Madam,

    I wanted to sign the ‘No Kill’ petition, but the link is not working. Could you please have it back in place please? I am a vegetarian, 34 year old woman from India and an animal lover.

    About white tigers: I knew that absence of the tawny colour from a tiger’s skin is a result of the mutation of the cells that produce melanin. In the same way that there are humans who are albinos. What I didn’t know was that white tigers are being specially bred for the reason of commodifying them as a tourist attraction.

    Could you please tell me if it happens in the zoos of north-eastern India? My email address is: It would be really nice of you if you could send me a reply here.

    And again ma’am, please make the online petition’s URL function again. I’d like to sign.

    Your website is full of photos of kissable pets! And here’s a message for Ken and his other friend who is also deformed: I love you both. You are lovely and may the gods bless you!

    Thank you so much.

    Best wishes,

  2. Dear Indrani,
    Thank you for your activism.

    With regards to the situation for white tigers in India. I can’t comment as I am not located there nor am I familiar with the situation. Perhaps you are able to research the info yourself, and if you would be so kind, come back and share your findings in our white tiger post. Thanks.

    Also, please do note that all links on this post are to external sites beyond the control of this blog. As such, it is beyond our ability to make the petition link working. Kindly contact the petition originator with your feedback.