Bam Bam our Foie Gras cat

Bam Bam the studious

This old coot will be 9 sometime in December this year. He’s littermates with Teddy, and them two tiny scraggly furballs turned up on our doorstep as 2-3month olds on the morning of 28 Jan 1997.

Bam Bam is a smart boy, and is the only one who recognises his name and will respond when called.

He’s also an acute renal failure cat, and has been on a daily dose of 1/2 a Fortekor pill since August last year. So that’s why he’s our foie gras cat because we force-feed the pill each night. But looking at him, you wouldn’t really know he’s got sickly kidneys.



It’s amazing to realise how tiny he had been as a kitten, since that’s ancient history



Bam Bam is a very affectionate cat, but an absolute catist.

He can look unhappy in heaven if it suits his agenda. Adn so it is every night, he knows when we’re going to give him his med, and he’ll complain and run around abit, but he really doesn’t resist. I guess he loves attention, however he gets it.

But no matter what, we still love the old rascal, even though he drives us up the wall.


9 responses to “Bam Bam our Foie Gras cat

  1. Bam Bam looks healthy and happy. He sure looks sexy in his 1st pose.

  2. shhhh.. don’t let him know that! His ego don’t need nurturing. 😛

    Actually, I thought he looked like a bad killer whale impersonator. Erm… he doesn’t have to know that either.

  3. i am referring to this photo ‘Bam Bam the studious’. Does he looked like a killer?

  4. Well, look at this, and tell me you don’t see the resemblance… you know black n white, eyes not visible 😛
    … psst, Bams is the resident swaggerer so he’s definitely got the attitude to match too.

  5. ok, point noted but he is still sweet in my eye, ha, ha.

  6. 🙂 he’s the sweetest angel with people. Just not cats. 😦

    that’s why calling him killer whale is especially apt.

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