Happy cats DON’T need balls

Do you have cats? Then please, please. please STERILISE!

More than 90% of animals sent to SPCA are euthanised every year. Combine the SPCA death toll with the AVA, 21,000 cats and dogs are killed by lethal injection annually. Why? Because people don’t sterilise their pets, and this contributes to the homeless animals roaming Singapore’s streets – they’re homeless because they’re abandoned, and they’re killed because they’re considered a nuisance.

If less cats and dogs were born, then there’d be less to subject to death by lethal injection.

Call 7000-CATSNIP for booking stray cat sterilisation with CWS


The benefits of sterilisation? All here:

  • Spay and Neuter Your Cats
    Read the many valid arguments for the spay and neuter of your cats. The old adage that “if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem” is particularly applicable to unwanted pregnancy in cats.
  • Compelling Arguments for Early Spay & Neuter of Cats
    The evidence seems clear that early spay and neuter is not only safe for the youngsters, but that the procedure produces less tissue trauma, is less stressful, provides a shorter recovery period, with a lower risk of complications.
  • more

For how this will help Singapore’s homeless cats (from the CWS FAQ)

  1. What is sterilisation?
  2. How does sterilisation save lives?
  3. How does sterilisation work in controlling the cat population?
  4. Can one or two cats guard an area against non-sterilised cats?
  5. How does it benefit me?
  6. How does it benefit my cat?
  7. How does it benefit my neighbourhood?
  8. Should only female cats be sterilised since male cats can’t get pregnant?
  9. Should I sterilise my pet cats?
  10. I’m sure I can find homes for my kittens if I let my cats breed — people like kittens, don’t they?
  11. Isn’t it cruel to deprive my cat of a chance to have a family?
  12. Will my cat get fat and lazy after sterilisation?
  13. When should I get my cat sterilised?
  14. How much does sterilisation cost?
  15. I don’t think I can afford to sterilise my cat.
  16. I’d like to sterilise a community cat. How do I catch it?
  17. How do I prepare my cat for sterilisation surgery?
  18. What does post-surgery recovery entail?
  19. What some religions say about sterilisation.

So you see, there really is no justifiable reason not to sterilise, but every reason to.

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