Cassie girl

(Must read: Cat care refs.)

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New Cassie photos

(10 Mar)

Cassie contentedly lap-sitting

(3 Feb)

Cassie love and affection

(12 Aug)

Cassie lapping it up

(22 Sep)

ADOPTED! Cassie has a home as of 3 Nov 07.

About Cassie
Cassie’s a very affectionate young girl who deserves a home. She loves to sit on laps, and is always wagging her tail as she purrs – she’s a cat with a dog’s tail!

Vid! Happy tail-wagging cat
Cassie in the sun

Squinting in the sun

A bit of self-groom

Coming for the lap

UPDATE: more Cassie pictures, taken on 2 Jan, 2007

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(Must read: Cat care refs.)


7 responses to “Cassie girl

  1. plse call me at xxxx xxxx

    i am keen to adopt cassie girl !


  2. Hi Shirley,
    Thank you, will call you shortly. Also edited out your hp number in your comment for your privacy. 🙂

  3. Can you tell me if Cassie has been adopted?

    Thank you!

  4. Nathalie,
    No, Cassie has not been adopted yet. Are you interested in adopting her? If you are, I will write to you privately and discuss.

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  6. Hi, just want to tell you I have brought home Cassie safe and sound yesterday. She is such an affectionate / manja girl despite having just went to a new home. But being in a new home, Cassie is just as curious to explore the new surroundings abeit in a very cautious manner. She is especially wary of sounds and ongoings form my neighbours and the huslte and bustle outside my house, probably from having been in a quiet “kampung” for too long. She did not sleep the whole night and was meowing periodically as though she sounds lost. Is such behaviour normal when a cat has moved to a new place? Would the meowing stop naturally if I just ignore it as just an attention seeking call? Cassie don’t appear to be a vocal type of cat unlike my mum’s Siamese cross breed. Also, Cassie did not poo so far. Is this natural as part of the transition process?

    Could you also let me have the name of the brand of dry cat food you recommended the last time I saw you at the cattery?

    You may write to me privately. Many thanks for all the advices given so far.

  7. Aaron,
    Nice speaking to you, and finding out how Cassie’s coping. Will email more ref soon.