“Good karma” feeding example

At Martin’s gangland this morning, were not 1, not 2, but 3, THREE plastic bags of schtinky wetfood.

The remains were very very visible, and it’s along a busy peakhour pedestrian thoroughfare.

I took a vid before btmao cleaned the mess up. If you look carefully, you’ll even spot the special guest-stars – big-headed red ants. That’s btmao’s hand in the vid, carefully clearing up around the angsty ones. This is what btmao does frequently, clean up after irresponsible “good karma” feeders.

Can you imagine what such people say when you tell them they don’t have to feed these because you come by everyday? Their attitude tell you: “Who cares about you? I want to feed too!”, nevermind that their food is obviously too much for the cats to finish anyway – they never notice anyway since they just dump and go.

And if you tell them please don’t dump food and go, and the possible consequence? Their attitude tell you: “Who cares if the cats are taken away and killed because of the mess I make? As long as I’m doing right by my karma/beliefs.”

If such logic were applied to a computer program, circuits would fry.

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