Macy’s ready for her date

with the vet, that is.

All packed

Before the packing. Notice how her tail sort of spiral in on itself?
Here’s a closeup of her curling tail, which curls under her butt when she sits or squats.

She’s quiet in the carrier, isolated in a room right now. But compared to her usual, she’s definitely a lot more gaunt – her sides are sunken in and she’s dehydrated, and her fur took forever to return to normal after btmao pulled a flap on her back up. Her breathing is definitely laboured too.

Poor Macy! We’ll be making our way to the vet’s very soon. The only good thing is, she’s interested in food, unlike yesterday. We hope for the best.

PS This morning was very interesting in itself. Will post updates after we get back.


2 responses to “Macy’s ready for her date

  1. Macy is beautiful lah, and she has a unique tail. Hope she recovers well from this cold, wet weather.

  2. Thanks, Mary, for seeing beauty without prejudice. 🙂