Martin’s gangland this morning

Bright and early, we went to get Macy, and as a matter of course served brekkie to Marty, Henna, Martin, Mary, Macy and Marcus.

Macy on the steps, Martin comes for us

What happened then surprised us – Martin, who’s the gentleman boss of his gangland, scuffed Macy!

No one got hurt though, which was a relief. We thought, given that Macy wasn’t feelnig well, he’d be extra nice to her. Maybe it’s the wait for brekkie that got to him.

The gang of Martin’s gangland then gathered

Mary ever beautiful

Marcus ever omega

Martin ever cool

Macy ever meek

She trots for the promise of succour

Needless to say, btmao made sure the brekkie wait was worth their while.


2 responses to “Martin’s gangland this morning

  1. hi i was woundring where you got ur cats from because i wonted a cat to replace my cat as he got killed and i would love to get 1 for mu kid so she isnot unhappy
    wight back on my email

  2. i love big cats.. i also love little cats. even though im alergic to them when they rub against my face. i still love them..!!!!!!!!!!!