After Cassie, Timmi… Booties and a few others


So after PC and T visited Cassie, we made our way to Foster Mum’s, for their visit with Timmi.

Timmi, to btmao and my surprise, was very friendly and obliging with PC. She allowed PC to pick her up and carry her. Now this may not seem like a big deal, but as we’ve said before, Timmi, being an ultimate omega, is usually shy and reserved around strangers. Her SOP with visitors has always been to stay a little away, at most she would greet and allow some headrubs. With PC and T, PC more so than T since PC initiated contact and continued to actively try interacting with her, Timmi was especially pally and comfortable in comparison. For btmao and me, it was a sign, loud and clear. But what did PC and T think?

They were also very comfortable with Timmi. Then we took a deep breath and discussed candidly about Timmi’s shedding that led to her being put into foster care – no point hiding things like this – so that they are aware and will factor this into their consideration.

Booties was also on hand to vie for a little tlc and laptime.

Here’s looking at… erm, where you looking, Booties?


Puss in booties

Tali, a big goofy ragdoll in disguise, ala Philly, our resident friendly oaf, was also there to fully utilise PC and T’s laps.

PC and T took their time, as should be the case, and deliberated while at the cattery, and then adjourned deliberation in deference to lunch. Of course they needed time to recover from the sheer shock of being among so many cats all at once. It was understandable and most first-time visitors get it right on the chin, figuratively of course.

Timmi, Tali and Cassie were the forerunners at this point, but I also informed PC and T that Cassie had another potential visitor lined up for the next weekend.


3 responses to “After Cassie, Timmi… Booties and a few others

  1. Good luck, Timmi AND Cassie!!

  2. Booties and Tali are not for adoption?

  3. Cat_aunty,
    They are! But Tali isn’t one of ours so we don’t know about how his adoption notice is being handled – we only know he’s VERY available. As for Booties, her adoption notice hasn’t been updated yet (though now there’s no need 😀 )