Area 1 clannies full attendance

After vidding and getting Benji’s pics, we proceeded to the Area 1 carpark. Lo and behold, the elusive Cally was there! She’s very sweet and affectionate. If she wasn’t so elusive, we’d put her up for adoption too.

Cally in her glory

Cally and Cassie also got a little smoochy:

Ivan came along too, and patiently waited for food, the sweet boy

After breaking fast, Cassie displayed some yoga moves as she groomed


4 responses to “Area 1 clannies full attendance

  1. We have a Panther-4 who is wearing a collar. If only we could wish that people who want to abandon at least do it safeflyl….without collars!!

  2. Yes, it was a lucky thing that Benji trusted btmao enough to allow her to get the damn thing off.

  3. Cally looks so elegant, and Ivan is so handsome. You sure take good care of them.

  4. 🙂 WE can only claim credit for Cally’s tipped ear since she rarely appears. She is a bit too scrawny for a pet cat though. Hopefully we can fatten her up. Ivan is a doll now, he’s very polite and only ever allows btmao near. I’m happy to see him free of scars, unlike his days of being virile.