Frankie boy

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Frankie up and about!
He does do other things beside sleep.

(10 Mar 07)
If there’s a prize for somnolence,
Frankie’s the winner, paws down!

(3 Feb 07)

(Must read: Cat care refs.)

Peek-a-boo. Read Frankie’s story here.
Will I, won’t I get a home?frankie_20061202_027x.jpg
Good look of my beautiful for coat

Wonder if someone’s coming to visit soon?

Waiting can get tiring too

Yup, very tiring.

Let’s get some exercise while we wait:

(Must read: Cat care refs.)


3 responses to “Frankie boy

  1. Hi,
    He’s sooooooooooooooooooo handsome! Jus like the stray I feed @ my HDB residence who I named Mr Stokin cos of his white paws.

  2. Why thank you, Ann. If you know anyone who might interested in giving him a home, please do direct them this way.

    Great that you’re feeding cats in your area! I have to put on my TNRM minion hat and say this:


    do remember to feed responsibly and clear up after Mr Stokin.
    do consider sterilising Mr Stokin, if he’s not sterilised yet.
    do consider TNRM for your area, if there’s no such program in your area yet. You can contact CWS to enquire about what’s needed and ask for help. More info here

    Incidentally, Cat Welfare Society is conducting a TNRM workshop on 4 Mar.

    And if you don’t already know, Ms Dawn Kua, Cat Welfare’s Director of Operations also maintains a blog about her work: Working with Cat Welfare Society. It’s very insightful about what feeders and TNRM caregivers should be mindful of.

    For the cats, because they’re the ones who have to live with any consequences.

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