Id’d! B&W girl is a boy

Yup, the b&w newbie we saw on 24 Nov in area 2 has family jewels on display!

He was there for brekkie at Sasha’s yesterday morning. (Incidentally, Sasha climbed a tree after breakfast) . I wasn’t there with the camera as I was prepping Cassie for her visitors.

This morning though, I was on call, and we managed to get some pics and vids of the boy at last, at Omi’s side. Too bad, there’s no Sasha today.

Since he’s a boy, we’ve decided to call him Benji.

Lipsmacking after a good meal

Doesn’t he resemble someone?

Especially with that doubled-back tail… we can’t help but suspect he’s related to Snowball.

Before I got there, btmao removed this grubby collar from his neck.

It was very tight, and probably choking him. btmao noticed he was scratching himself and that seemed to have helped tightened this collar which is not choke-proof. It’s possible – Teddy nearly strangled himself on a collar a long time ago, and it’s a simple one like this. Here’s a TLC alert: when buying collars, look for the ones that are cat-safe.

Benji is still wary and frightened. btmao will weave her magic and hopefully we can take way his mojo soon – the boy has BALLS. [EDIT: Benji is mojo-free]


2 responses to “Id’d! B&W girl is a boy

  1. Yeah, the collar seems tight; look at the imprint around his neck.

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