Greatest news of the day – Timmi and Booties

Oh yay~ PC and T reverted last evening at a little after 6 … and decided to take Timmi and Booties.

We were stunned, because

  • These two girls, along with Frankie, have all been on adoption watch for at least 1.5 years, and they hardly get any enquiries. It became so depressing that we were bracing ourselves for the likelihood that they would have to spend their lives in the cattery.
  • Booties, Booties was really a dark horse. We’ve weaned off optimism about her chances, because her adoption history of only 1 casual enquiry was not encouraging at all.

Of course PC and T were concerned about Timmi’s nekkiding. This morning we managed to talk over the phone with PC about this concern, and PC and T have confirmed to go ahead with Booties and Timmi!

Then PC asked us how we felt about their adoption of Timmi and Booties. She sounded a bit concern at our seeming calmness. We told her we were extremely effingly happy (not in those exact words of course). But we were also shellshocked and couldn’t articulate the surprise and happiness. We can’t thank them enough for giving Timmi and Booties a home. It may not seem apparent, but we really are grinning like the Cheshire Cat inside.

PC and T will make all the necessary preparations and aim to bring Timmi and Booties home before Xmas.

3 adoption board hoggers down to 1 (Frankie)… we can’t believe it!


9 responses to “Greatest news of the day – Timmi and Booties

  1. I heard the good news yesterday. I share in the joy 🙂
    Never give up hope..on the long stayers.

  2. Thanks, Vegancat! There’s always a ray of hope, but with Booties it seems we were down to searching for individual photons of hope.

  3. That is really the BESTEST news!!! Especially for Booties!! Black and white cats are not very popular. All the best!! That proves that miracles do happen, there is a human out there for the kitties. Don’t give up Cassie!! Cheers to everyone!

  4. 😀 Thanks, Cat_aunty. We definitely think it is too. And it’s through no fault of the cats that are black and white. People are the issue.

    I wish there were more people like Timmi and Booties’ mum and dad. They were so surprised to learn Booties has had only 1 enquiry through this 1.5 years.

  5. Whoa whoa whoa! The tippedearclan is on a roll!! Well, you know what they say about cats finding their people, and not the other way round … Congrats! I can imagine you two grinning from ear to ear 😀

  6. heheee… we’re pinching ourselves the only way cat minions can – get kneaded by the slackers, claws uncut. 😛

    It’s a record of monumental proportions, 1 cat in 3 months would already be something… 3 cats in 1 day… dear Bast!

  7. Congratulations!

  8. So you see, the right one will come along; it’s a matter of time. Congratulation, your babies have their castle now. Do update on them.

  9. Thank you, Cat and Mary.