Daily Archives: December 8, 2006

Couch purrtatoes

Newly planted


The bunched-up varieties

Rheilly, Bam Bam

Rheilly, Philly


Bam Bam, Teddy

Purrtato eyes






New variety – purrtatoes at altitude



The Yeti vid’d!

The elusive Joe Yeti finally accepted our offer of a pic/vid upgrade offer!

This morning, our mum told us she spotted Joe Yeti. In case you’re wondering, no we’re not skiving, we’re both sick and on medical leave.

After I took my meds and felt a little better, I set off for yeti country, hoping to finally get some nice Joe photos.

I spy … first look at the yeti boy in daylight.

Another look at this unusual light calico

Then of course I vidded him. He has a gentle soft voice that matched his character

Joe loved attention. Here he went out onto the road because I was standing on the side of it. You can see how calm and happy with company he is

I gave him some headrubs and chin tickles. He liked it a lot

A garbage truck rolled by and spooked him a bit, he scampered away from the road. It was good to see him being a little streetwise.

I stayed with him, and watched to make sure he’s ok. That collar around his neck was definitely added sometime after we first saw him. It’s frayed, but not uncomfortable (I could put three fingers through it easily), and had a better adjustment buckle than Benji’s. He’s definitely a semi-pet cat, allowed to roam according to the whimsy of his “owners”.

Perhaps it served as a talisman against neighbourly wrath, so I left it. Of course we’ll try to keep a look out and remove it if things deteriorate. Our mum will be our eyes. And now I know where he hangs out, it’ll be a lot easier to find him too.

Joe looks a lot more grubby now, compared to his clean beautiful look when we first sighted him in March.

It’s somewhat expected of a semi-pet cat. But I am a bit worried that he’s been abandoned, because after some adjustment time, usually semi-pets do get the hang of hygiene on the roam. It’s the home-cats unused to a life outside or unsterilised homeless ones who continue to remain grubby. It’s been 6 months since we first sighted him.

I’m mighty tempted to find him a responsible home. With a personality like his, trusting and affectionate, he deserves better. And he would make a perfect home-cat, especially for a HDB flat, given how soft his voice is. But let’s not jump the gun, we’ll try to take it one sighting at a time.

I said farewell to him after a bit. It was a lingering one cos he kept following and asking for more attention. Quite a challenge to try taking his pictures, he’s so friendly, he just keep coming up to the camera.