New category: cat supplies bulletin

After writing about the possiblity of not knowing about on-going nation-wide promotions because the supplier does not update the customer, I discussed with btmao what we can do to help get the information out there for fellow homeslacker-parents and minions of clannies elsewhere so no one loses out and miss the boat on opportunities to get some savings on kitty supplies.

Initially, we thought it a feasible alternative for people to visit pet supplies stores and get updates that way. However, we realise that some shops do not display info (we certainly couldn’t find it) on offers/promos J has informed us about.

So we’re creating a new tec category, cat supplies bulletin, and will blog about offers/promotions that are coming up/ongoing/expiring on products we use or find equitable, as we hear about them from our supplier, J. Hopefully, this will provide some help in keeping everybody who might be interested in the loop.

I’ve started with three: NB/fussie cat litter promotion, NB wet food promo – buy 2 get 1 free and fussie cat wet food promo – buy 4 get 1, 6 get 2.

From here on, it should be mostly btmao who blogs for this category, since she’s in charge of tec purchasing.

Please note, this is not meant to supplant your relationship with your supplier, but is meant merely to be an aid in your purchases, and to help you save some money by making use of promotions and offers available.


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