Send season’s greetings online! Free e-cards galore’s e-card page

Christmas – time to agonise over greeting cards to buy (and stamps), scrawl witty greetings, sign your name til your hands hurt, lick stamps, post cards and hope they don’t get lost in the tsunami of season’s greeting cards flooding the post office. But does it have to that way?

Why send a boring paper card when you can send an animated one online?

Sending e-cards has advantages and no disadvantages because they

  • save you money – there are tons of free e-cards only, and you can save on buying both cards and (increasingly exorbitant) postage
  • save the environment by cutting down paper use and paper dumping (face it, what happens after your card is read, and the season for greeting expires?)
  • save the overworked Mr. Postman some trouble
  • inconvenience only electrons and get to your recipients faster than you can say meow

Us tec monions LOVE using’s selection. It is free and the range is very extensive. More importantly, every e-card sent will contribute to a good cause.

So what are you waiting for? Go to’s e-card page NOW!


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