Isam pics

Finally, the choco boy has been profiled.

First snaps, last weekend:
Isam is quit a big boy. He’s got a handsome coat and is healthy looking overall.

He has beautiful light green eyes, does Isam.

We wanted to get him for de-mojoing, if not fostering. Alas the fates conspired against that – he was affectionate and friendly while chowing down. But once he’s done, he’s scaredy and difficult to get hold of. Plus there was a grandparent pair who kept getting in our way, scaring and spooking him as we tried to get near him. I was very close to commiting murder that day.

Isam’s defense reflex is to scoot upstairs, onto the second floor. He even went into one of the units. I rang the bell and got him out before he got into trouble. But apparently, the block he scooted up wasn’t where his home was. I spoke to the families and none had ever seen him before, but all were in agreement that he’s probably someone’s pet. Luckily, none of them seemed to mind him being there. But before i could talk about TNRM, everybody disappeared. So much for being a soapbox veteran.

In any case, Isam’s behaviour cements our suspicion that he’s a semipet or an abandoned cat.
After food, he scooted off immediately.


He ran up a block, to the second floor, like the last weekend. I followed him up and down a few flights of stairs. He kept returning to the second floor.

Isam was definitely spooked, but did not enter any homes this time. I decided to stop the tailing since he’s freaking out and I’m not getting anywhere near to solving the location of his homebase.

No pics, but btmao got to feed him again. Hopefully we can get him snipped soon.

btmao thinks that he is likely to have been abandoned because of behavioural problems. As described, he is very docile and affectionate while eating. But once done he’s anything but. In fact, this morning, he hissed at btmao when she tried to pet him after food.

btmao theorised that his family did not make the effort to shower him with affection or somehow abused him so that his behaviour has developed this way.

Isam does have the potential to be a home cat again – his behaviour during mealtime shows he is capable of displaying affection. But he definitely needs lots of rehab – which calls for tlc and oodles of attention. We know Foster Mum does not have the bandwidth to do that, so we’ve decided to care for him as a clannie and see what we can do. Maybe at some future date, when he’s calm enough, we can think of rehoming him. But for now, mojo-robbery is the key agenda.


2 responses to “Isam pics

  1. Isam is indeed a very handsome boy.

  2. 🙂 We do hope we can help him.