Rub-a-dub-dub, cats in various tubs

Cats LOVE squeezing themselves into snug places. But you don’t have to spend money to buy “cat” houses or “cat” beds. (We’ve got 2 of that Ikea cat house that seems to be all the rage now. The ingrates were fascinated with it for a while, but like all cat fads, it faded, and now hardly anyone uses them. And in case you wonder, yes, we could not resist getting one when we chanced on them earlier this year, but we got two because the cats’ grammy says having only one will lead to squabbles)

Basically, anything snug will serve the cats’ fetish for snuggling. Even cardboxes, eg your wet cat food carton boxes, will do. Only thing is, the cats might take to flossing teeth with the box or wrestling it, so you can imagine how long the boxes last. So we went plastic – we got a few bins and stuff around the house – not to collect rain water, but to provide club amenities for the slackers. Here’s some of them.

This pot was great for the other cats but too loose for pint-sized Rheilly (diameter: 37cm. Bought on the cheeeep at Daiso)

We got this basin for her and she’s ever so pleased (diameter: 28cm)

Bams also wanted to show he can snug with the best of them

Sizing it up – yup the butt fits, Therefore…

He can also snuggle in.

The Bamster almost spilleth over, but everything’s kept in. Believe it, pal!


Joey’s fav (Kheilly likes it too, but we’ve not managed to get a good shot of him in it) (Length: 37cm, breadth: 32cm)

Teddy’s more of a basket cat, but like Bams, he seems to enjoy almost spilling over; probably something that runs in their family (Length: 33cm, breadth: 24cm)

NOTE: Philly’s not got good pics of him snugging that giant tumtum of his in anything yet, but anything goes for him – basket, tub or whatever.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Fellowship of the tubbies

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5 responses to “Rub-a-dub-dub, cats in various tubs

  1. Aiyo, Bam Bam…please lah…!

  2. heheh… Bams’ a tight tub die-hard 😛

  3. Aiyoh calsifer, you should get them bigger tubs lah!

  4. Mary,
    The problem is they LIKE snug. The Ikea cat houses, with all the room in the whole for 2-3 fatty bumbums, are empty while the ingrates jostle endlessly over these undersized tubs.

  5. That is true. i have one big cat litter tray which i don’t used anymore; i use it to store my dirty laundry; and everytime i dumped my clothing there, the kitties will come and snuzzle there.