Itsy Bitsy Kitten pop up on New Year’s day

Sing-a-long (to the tune of the Itsy Bitsy Spider)

The itsy bitsy kitten crossed the quiet road,
Followed a young girl who didn’t know what to do.
Along came the minions, and scooped the kitten up,
So the itsy bitsy kitten is in the cattery now.

Yup, it had to happen, a new baby for the new year. Just like Chrissy happened for X’mas.

After breakfast, we were on our way to get a bus to Foster Mum’s, when what should btmao see from afar but a young girl crossing a side road and something looking like a very skinny black bird or erect worm following her.

Then btmao went “Shit!” and I knew what it was – a tiny kitten, latching on to a clueless young girl. The poor little thing was probably lost, and it was trotting unsteadily along after the girl.

We caught up and milled around with the girl, all three wondering what to do. The kitten was black and white. It was also brushing against everybody and calling. It was probably hungry and bewildered. Its backside was red, indicating that it was suffering from diarrhea. It also looked very grubby. But its eyes were clear, which is a relief.

We hesitated, but decided to call Foster Mum for advice. The verdict was to send the kitten in, and then when the vet clinic opens, bring it for a checkup and etc.

So we popped the tot into a carrier and jumped into a taxi.

Look at how the teeny the kitten is.

Getting a bit of tummy filler – we all were relieved it was able to take solids, albeit solids crushed, soaked and softened.

After the appetizer, a good look at the tyke, grubby muzzle and all.

Manicure, and then Foster Mum rushed out for kitty milk formula.

Finally, baby gets what baby likes – milk!

Aftermath: The tyke was so hungry it deconstructed its milk bottle. Foster Mum said it’s common for the teeny ones to get over-enthusiastic and not to worry, it’ll get passed out.

Great little helper, and friend of cats – Happy. He’s Foster Mum’s 16 yr old papillon, toothless but fearless

We’re naming the tyke Neo – not to satisfy the Matrix-geek, not totally. It’s African for gift, and is unisex, just right for a little furry bundle of grubby mini-cat that’s still a IT right now.


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