Paraplegic cats with no fear of ostracism or death sentences

Remember Debbie? She’s put on a bit of heft since.

She’s got a room-mate who’s in the same situation – Andie. Andie’s rather more shy than Debbie, who didn’t mind me being there.


Andie and Debbie:



Their vids today:

6 responses to “Paraplegic cats with no fear of ostracism or death sentences

  1. i thought there was sponsorship for some kind of wheels for their legs, what happened?

  2. The wheels tire them out rather quickly, plus they can’t be in wheels all the time.

    Ultimately, it seems like the wheels aren’t so beneficial for these two.

    These two are some of the sweetest cats I’ve come across 🙂

  3. Yes, i still remember when Andie came and Mei attempted to feed Andie 1st instead of Debbie; Debbie was so upset that she refused to eat when Mei attempted to feed her later after Andie. This shows these animal beings do have emotion; not much different from the human beings.

  4. BTW, Happy New Year 2007. May all goodness be bestowed on you and your families.

  5. Happy new year to you too, Mary.

    Debbie has very expressive eyes, and there is a beautiful soul reflected in them.

    Now she and Andie are pals. The memory of how forlorn she looked when she was alone makes me glad that they have each other’s company.