Isam in the carrier, and notes on the camera flash

Here’s a vid of Isam before V comes to cart him off.

It’s a bit dark, but the main feature is the audio, he’s got a sweet voice you’ll find.

I did want to take a picture of him, but he’s quite spooked so I didn’t want to move the carrier any more than necessary. In the end I did not take a picture because it would require using the camera’s flash and pointing it into the carrier, right in Isam’s face. I refuse to use the flash at close-range because:

  • cats caught for sterilisation are usually stressed and spooked already -why freak them out further with a photo moment that’s only for human use anyway?
  • cats have eyes that are far more sensitive to light than human eyes. If you’ve ever stared at a camera and have the flash go off, you’re familiar with the residue ‘blind spot’ that got left behind on your eyes. It can be disconcerting and annoying, and your vision is impaired for maybe up to half and hour. Imagine how much more impact it makes on a cat, especially at close range and he/she has nowhere to hide or turn to shield his/her sensitive eyes.
  • The flash is HOT. Once I got too engrossed and didn’t realise I’ve placed my hand right before the flash. When it went off, my hand felt like it got burned.

With all these points in mind, I make it a point NEVER to point a camera with the flash up at any living thing too closely, just to be on the safe side.

The cat doesn’t know or understand what we’re up to with our silly quirks and obsessions. So it is up to us to know what we’re doing, understand the possible implications and try to minimise or avoid it altogether.

It may take a while for us to “get it”, I know it takes ages for me sometime. But I try to not forget the lesson, and share what I know or discover with others.


2 responses to “Isam in the carrier, and notes on the camera flash

  1. Oh, he sounds like a baby!

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