Benji’s new ear-do

Rain, rain, go to Spain
Benji’s stuck
And we’re going insane!

I’ve chanting that for the past 3 days.

We got Benji in the bag on Monday, and he was mojo-rubbed, ear-tipped, and ready for release on Wednesday.

Only the downpour got in the way. V was also concerned about infection on the surgical site. So Wedneday dragged to Thursday, to Friday, to today.

Vwas coming by at about 7 or so. When the drops started parachuting down after 6, we were crossing everything we could, and counted Kheilly’s strabby eyes in too.

Never doubt the power of crossed stuff.

So without further ado, here’s Benji, hungry and still as edgy as ever. He follows Isam into eununch-hood. His tipped ear looks good too.


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