BEWARE Hartz tick and flea control products

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(ADDED 2 May 08: Keeping your pets flea-free AND safe)

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Anyone who has furries at home should know about tick and flea control products . They are chemical-based and can be dangerous if not used properly.

However, I have been thinking A LOT about posting a warning about the brand Hartz after spotting it in the biggest pet shop in Holland Village. I shall not name it and give it free publicity as it is a pet-selling chain.

So what’s the problem with Hartz that warrant this special cautionary post? The main problem is in it’s primary/active ingredient – it is a dangerous chemical. If it were up to me, I would boycott all Hartz products, not just its tick and flea control products. I would of course, not buy from the animal-selling pet shop chain that carries it.

Hartz has a history, a very unsavoury one in the United States. I’ve been aware of an online campaign by enraged dog and cat owners who end up with dead furries or furries with permanent mental or physical damage from using Hartz products, not to mention the emotional and financial stress.

A class action suit was also filed.

The most comprehensive site is

Here’s a photo of a Hartz victim, who survived his ordeal, on

Click here to see more photos of TJ’s reaction to a Hartz flea collar.

How is Hartz different from other flea and tick control products?
The most disturbing thing about Hartz is that its products are regulated by the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) because of the ingredients it uses. Brands that don’t use the highly toxic chemicals that Hartz employ areregulated via the Food and Drugs Agency (FDA).

The Chemicals

The ingredients to be wary of are organophosphate insecticides (OPs) and carbamates, both of which are found in various flea and tick products. A product contains an OP if the ingredient list contains chlorpyrifos, dichlorvos, phosmet, naled, tetrachlorvinphos, diazinon, or malathion. If the ingredient list includes carbaryl or propoxur, the product contains a carbamate. According to the NRDC, the potential dangers posed by these products are greatest for children and pets. There is reason to be concerned about long-term, cumulative exposures as well as combined exposures from the use of other products containing OPs and carbamates.

The Products

The NRDC’s report lists flea- and tick-control products marketed under the following major brand names that have been found to contain OPs: Alco, Americare, Beaphar, Double Duty, Ford’s Freedom Five, Happy Jack, Hartz, Hopkins, Kill-Ko, Protection, Rabon, Riverdale, Sergeant’s, Unicorn, Vet-Kem, Victory, and Zema. To protect their pets and children, consumers should consult with a veterinarian before purchasing over-the-counter (OTC) products.

From What You Should Know About Flea and Tick Products by the Humane Society of the United States (emphasis mine)

Here’s a media report about the dangers of Hartz (emphasis mine):
Vets Say One Type Of Flea & Tick Drops Can Make Cats Sick

Product Remains On Sale As EPA Reevaluates Its Safety

POSTED: 5:27 p.m. EST October 31, 2002

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The Environmental Protection Agency is now investigating a product called Hartz Advanced Flea and Ticks Drops.

A previous version of this story erroniously reported on an EPA internal memo. The EPA has not recommended that Hartz Flea and Tick Drops For Cats 10 Pounds and Under be removed from sale. The EPA is only investigating the safety of the product, and says that the product complies with and is labeled to comply with all applicable federal and state regulations.

Although it’s sold in many grocery stores, some cat owners say the product causes loss of appetite, and possibly forces the animal into debilitating seizures.


A veterinarian told Channel 4 that the product should never have been allowed on the market.

A cat name Kirby is unable to walk and can hardly stand. Her vet said she twitches from a seizure caused by toxic poisoning.

They’re the same symptoms afflicting Lady — a 2-year-old Burmese. Morgan says Lady was perfectly healthy until he says he applied Hartz Advanced Flea and Tick drops for cats 10 pounds and under on Lady’s back.

He says within hours his cat was nearly dead.

“She was practically in a comatose state,” owner Chris Morgan said. “She had no energy, no enthusiasm. She wouldn’t walk, she wouldn’t eat.” Lady

“This is a condition we see in many, many cats that have had over-the-counter topical flea preparations applied to them,” Andrew Lawless told Channel 4 investigator Jennifer Waugh.

Lawless says blood tests reveal Lady’s liver shows signs of toxicity — the same problem Kirby’s vet says caused this cat to have a seizure. Hartz label

Both vets say this can be caused by an insecticide — called Phenothrin. Phenothrin is the primary ingredient — 85 percent — of Hartz Advanced Flea and Tick Drops for Cats.

The drops are sold in most grocery stores to pet owners looking for a less expensive solution to flea control.

Kirby and Lady’s owners both told Channel 4 they bought and used the product on their pets.

Hartz product
Links For More Information
  • The Eyewitness News investigators called 30 local veterinarians, learning that 19 them — more than 60 percent — reported seeing seen cases where cats have either died or become very sick after being treated with Hartz Advanced Flea and Tick Drops for Cats.

    The Environmental Protection Agency said it approved Hartz Advanced Flea and Tick Drops for sale in stores nearly two years ago.

    Morgan said that Hartz asked for asked him for more information about Lady, then said that there is no proof that its drops made Lady sick. And they are right.

    Lady’s vet says it is possible that Lady had some type of pre-existing condition that no one knew about. But he also said Lady only became sick after she was treated with the drops.

    An attorney representing one woman who says these drops also made her cats sick is seeking to file a class action lawsuit on her behalf.

    So far, he says more than 350 pet owners have joined the suit.

    While an internal EPA memo recommending that the product be reevaluated for its safety was written months ago, the product is still on grocery shelves.

    Hartz told Channel 4 they stand behind their product. Its company vice prsident told Jennifer Waugh that they believe their product is sound.

    “I think the key here, Jennifer, is that the information you are citing is preliminary. It is an interim report,” Dr. Albert Ahn of Hartz Mountain said. ” Based on the information we have and based on a review of all the data that we have, we stand firmly behind these products.”

    No doubt, as the interviewed vets have said, “This is a condition we see in many, many cats that have had over-the-counter topical flea preparations applied to them,”. However, the strong outcry specifically focused on Hartz is no fluke. Please do take care and be very alert when you apply these products.

    Reducing the Risks

    The HSUS recommends the following precautions be taken to reduce the risks to pets and humans during the flea season:

    • Use alternatives to pesticides to control fleas and ticks: Comb your pet regularly with a flea comb, vacuum frequently and dispose of the bags immediately after use, mow areas of the lawn where your dog spends time, wash pet bedding weekly, and wash your pet with a pesticide-free pet shampoo. In addition, to protect cats from fleas and ticks, as well as a host of other outdoor hazards, cats should be kept indoors at all times.
    • Always consult a veterinarian before buying or using any flea or tick control product on your pet.
    • Never use flea and tick products designed for dogs on your cat, or vice versa.
    • Remember never to apply pesticides to very young, elderly, pregnant, or sick animals unless directed to do so by a veterinarian.
    • Always read the ingredients, instructions, and warnings on the package thoroughly.
    • Avoid OP-based products by looking for any of these active ingredients: chlorpyrifos, dichlorvos, phosmet, naled, tetrachlorvinphos, diazinon and malathion. Avoid products with carbamates by looking for the chemical names carbaryl and propoxur on the label.
    • Consider using a product with insect-growth regulators (IGRs), which are not pesticides. These will prevent the next generation of fleas but will not kill insects already on your pet. Common and effective IGR products include those made with lufenuron (found in Program® and Sentinel® and available by prescription), methoprene (in Precor®), and pyriproxyfen (in Nylar® and EcoKyl®).
    • You might want to consider several relatively new topical products, available through veterinarians, that are insecticides designed to have fewer toxic effects on the nervous systems of mammals: imidacloprid (found in Advantage®), fipronil (in Frontline® or Top Spot®), and selamectin (in Revolution™).

    If you suspect your pet may have suffered negative health effects as a result of a flea product containing OPs or carbamates, consult with your veterinarian immediately. If you think a child has ingested a pesticide, call your local poison control center. Be sure to report all such incidents to the EPA’s National Pesticide Telecommunications Network at 800-858-7378.

    From What You Should Know About Flea and Tick Products by the Humane Society of the United States (emphasis mine)


    Watch out for these signs (emphasis mine):

    The signs commonly seen with permethrin toxicity in cats include generalized tremors, muscle fasciculation and seizures. Signs can develop within hours or may be delayed up to 48 hours.

    Most cats have a good chance of recovering with prompt and aggressive veterinary treatment, including medication to control tremors and seizures, IV fluids, bathing and other supportive care. To avoid potential problems, before purchasing any flea product for their pet and/or home owners should consult with their pet’s regular veterinarian, and should always read the label instructions completely before using any product on their pets.

    From Don’t Use Sparky’s Flea Drops on Fluffy by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

    Hartz tick and flea control products are DANGEROUS. That it is available for sale in Singapore says ony thing: even though Singapore has stringent checks and controls, it does not mean that the things on sale are safe for use. Do please be careful with who and what you give your money to.

    ADDED 2 May 08: Keeping your pets flea-free AND safe

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    39 responses to “BEWARE Hartz tick and flea control products

    1. Have you approached the pet shop to tell them about the dangers of Hartz? Some pet shops are very responsive and will remove the products from the shelf.

    2. Our previous experience, especially in looking for NB cat food, tells me it’s pointless to talk to the chain’s sales staff. I’m planning a letter to the management.

      If anyone else does drop by and approached the sales staff with the info, do leave a comment. I will check out the shop to see the outcome of that.

    3. Hi Calsifer, thank you for such valued info. Really appreciate it – saves a lot of time on research.

    4. Hi,

      Excellent write up. I’m thankful that you’ve posted such comprehensive information on the dangers of Hartz products. Thank you for referencing me and helping me spread the word!

    5. Annemarie Cairns

      You may not be aware of this, but Hatz Advanced Care for Cats is no longer on the market. The company volontarily removed it from all shelves last year. In fact, the product which has replaced it – Hartz Ultra Guardplus for cats was tested and registered by the EPA. Actually, all flea & tick products have to be tested by the EPA, not only Hartz, and when they are tested for toxicity they are given a designated Level which indicates the potential of the product to cause adverse reactions on a cat. A Level I is the most dangerous and the product label has to carry the word “Danger”. Level II comes next, and the product label must say “Warming”. Advantage is a Level II. Level III products are next and the labels must carry the word “Caution”. Frontline and Sergeant’s Gold are both Level III. The least potentially hazardous or reactive is a Level IV, and is not required to carry any toxicity copy on the back panel. This is all very carefully regulated by the EPA, who provide the very words each manufacturer must use, dependant upon their level. You may be interested to know that Hartz Ultra Guardplus for Cats is a Level IV, in the lowest EPA toxicity category and less likely to distress your cats than either Frontline or Advantage! It’s easy to check on what I tell you – go to the pet store or vet and flip each of the product packs over and read the back copy. I have three cats, one is nearly 20 yrs old! It must be awful to have a cat hurt by a product and I can’t imagine what I’d do if one of mine were hurt, or how I’d feel towards the manufacturer. I’d be really upset. But the information should clear up the record about Hartz. They have obviously done their best to fix the problem they had and have come up with a flea & tick product for cats that is the mildest on the market. I use it – and Venus, Flutie and Miss Kitty say it works like a dream. Don’t take my word though – read the label warnings. You’ll see. Hope the end of your summer is flea-free.

    6. Really? Hartz is actually safe to use since last year, 2006? Then why’s there still complaints, like these, about Hartz, oh in June 2007?

    7. I got some Hartz feline flea control on my hand when the package opened during use. I got sick with sore foot, sore hand and sore throat, feeling crappy for a day. Anybody else with this experience?

    8. Hi Suz,
      I have never used Hartz so I can’t say. Perhaps you can try places like or Against Hartz.

      Take care.

    9. My kitten is currently in the hospital being treated for the illnesses caught from a HARTZ pesticide product. He has mild symptoms but because he’s only 5 months old, his condition could suddenly get worse. He could die if he didn’t get immediate treatment.

      My brother’s friend told him that the Flea and Tick Removal Spray will work on cats. (NOT KITTENS!!) Though she was aware of the HARTZ incidences, she urged him to buy it because quote on quote…”it worked for her cats too.”
      I never wanted to use that thing. I don’t trust anything store bought unless I see a vet first. The spray was used without my knowing.

      When I got home from school tonight and my brother told me what happened. I noticed my kittens abnormal behavior and connected two and two together. (If he’s suddenly sick after the application of insecticides…what else could it be?)
      Insisted to go to the hospital right away.

      The doctors took him in right away and that’s where he’ll be for the night to get better. 🙂

      The bottle that was used did not have an EPA code on it. The required information was possibly printed on additional instructions/information sheet which are missing. Could’ve fallen off the bottle at the store… who knows…

      I’m somewhat angry because I never wanted those things on my cat. He’ s my responsibility but it’s so much more stressful when I have to pay a huge doctor bill to keep him away from dying and realizing my brother is getting bad information.

      Yeah the issue isn’t new but what’s more disturbing is that pets are still dying from products that are suppose HELP them.
      I don’t care if someone says “well it didn’t hurt my cat”, it doesn’t mean it is more safe.
      If a vet says it’s absolutely not safe why the heck should you listen to anyone else? Always ask experts! I wish I had done so, sooner!

      I was not aware of any recalls or repackaging. By the looks of it, stores could still be selling old products. Probably because the news gets published in United States and not in Canada?

    10. Cloverbell,
      I am so sorry to hear about your kitten. Do hope he/she is recovering.

      I really do not understand why there’s such a discrepancy in cases of problems with Hartz still happening and claims that Hartz is safe by people like Annemarie Cairns .

      Cloverbell, if you have not done so, you might want to contact

      Take care Cloverbell, your kitten needs you.

    11. I’ve just launched Sad Overload ( in response to Cute Overload’s promotion of Hartz’s lethal flea and tick products.

      I hope each and every one of you will write to CO’s Meg Frost and urge her to do the responsible thing and take down those ads. Also, please post comments opposing the ads on her website!

      There is nothing cute about killing our beloved cats and dogs.

      Visit for more information.

      Contact Meg at:

    12. Thanks for the headsup, Erin. That is disturbing to know. I’m not a cuteoverload fan myself, though it’s on our blogroll. I did not see any Hartz advertising when I checked the site just now. For now, I’ll leave it in the blogroll. But I will definitely keep an eye out now. Please do come back and update if you hear anything more. Thanks again.

    13. Addendum: I just saw it! Deleting cuteoverload from blogroll and putting up new post about it, and also to some first-hand experience with keeping kitty flea-free, the unpoisonous way.

    14. Tina Niemeyer

      Hi My name is Tina Niemeyer , My dog Logan had a severe reaction to the HARTZ flee and tick collar. He started out with loose bowels and vomitting. Later came the bumps on his neck and with trips to the vets. By Mothers Day morning, he had BLOOD from his ears to his shoulders. He was very sick and was admitted to the emergency hospital. He spent the night there and was sent home the next night with plenty of medications. He has since had to go back to the vets twice for re-checks and for the test to see how much his pancreas was destroyed. He now has pancreatitis and has to be on a ID prescription food for the rest of his life. This can’t happen to another animal. Go to Google and put in Channel 2 news flee and tick collar and watch the show that they put together. Please get this message out to everyone that you know. We can’t let this go on any longer. Thank you

    15. Tina, So sorry to hear about Logan’s ordeal. Thank you for sharing too.

    16. used t on my two samese it worked just fine ..I think the problem is people just misuse the stuff. This has gotten out of hand what people are saying..what it boils down to is the frontline and Advantage and other name brands want them to stop sellinjg it because they want to sell thier product which is so over priced. They make big money..! Harts has been around ofr many many years since I was a child…these otheres have not..! So the one you should trust is Hartz. Thats my opinion.

    17. Melrose,
      Why so quick to dismiss all the evidence of problems Hartz has caused to innocent cats and dogs? If it happens to one or two cats or dogs here and there, then I would be willing to concede it might be a cause of misuse. But tell me, how diificult are flea control products to use? And if you have not done so, take a GOOD look at the victims sites. Despite claims by Hartz that their products are “improved”, victims are still falling to their products even NOW.

    18. Hi. My cats had a mild case of fleas recently, for the first time, and I quickly popped down to the pet store chain you mentioned. This one’s at Lot 1. Being ignorant, I bought a Hartz 3 in 1 Foaming Shampoo and a Flea and Tick spray for the house. I went back and bathed them with the shampoo, at the same time spray the house with it. Then I soaked all my cushions and linens in hot water. All that done, I decided to search the internet for tips on flea control when, MY GOODNESS, I saw ALL the warnings against Hartz products. I got so scared I checked my cats for any symtoms every hour or so. They’re fine, luckily. But I threw out the two bottles. Total amount wasted? S$53. This chain did NOTHING to protect their customers. “Lovers” my ass. A separate incident, the other one at Bugis had the rudest vet nurse ever. She obviously has no practical experience with animals but still has the gall to give advices on pet care, insulting me even, saying I was “starving” my cats with the amount i feed and that ALL brands of pet food are the same. Like what?! Does that mean even the China made poison is good for the cats as well? And have you SEEN my cats to say something like that? And how qualified are you, besides a f**king degree, do you have to tell people how to take care of animals? Excuse me, my cats are both rescued in the worst state and yet, they’re so fine now because I take care of them well. So don’t judge me with your limited knowledge.

    19. GJ,
      Good to hear your kitties are ok. Well, all I can say to your experiences is: it happens. Sometimes it gets frustrating, but at least you know better than such people. Though, this “nurse” might have a point, cats do need sufficient nutrition according to weight and age. Of course, like people there are some cats who tend to balloon on the tiniest rations and some who remain skinny on humongous ones. Some need to eat a lot, some get upset tummies when they eat just a teeny bit over their usual. The key thing is their health. =) It can get a bit iffy since rules about and for them are not iron-cast. So as guardians, we need to and are in the best position to watch and them and balance their rations accordingly.

      If you haven’t seen the info contained in them, these posts might be useful reference: Roly poly isn’t cute, unless you’re a whale stocking up for summer, Never crash diet the moggie either

    20. I am using the Hartz 3 in 1 tick spray and the Hartz Home Powder and they are the (excuse my language) sorriest products ever. Not one flea has died and they are still in my home and I spent not a whopping amount ($16-17) on the both of them, but I expect that when a product is bought for that amount that it should work. I would not recommend anyone buying the 3in1 home spray or the carpet powder that runs about $8. It is devastating for me because my husband and I miserable with fleas. We adopted a dog from a lady, full blood chihuahua, and she came home and brought friends with her. She infested my home and now she is gone but they are still here. I have found that vinegar and water (50/50 solution) works, but you have to spray all of them and it is safe for your pet. I know that vacuuming helps a lot too, but may be too much for the average person. I recommend doing it at least 2-3 times a day just to clean the area. Seargeants does great work killing fleas. I used it on my puppy when I first adopted her off the street and never had a problem with fleas until now. Any one know of anything else I can do? By the way flea bites itch really bad, so if at all possible, stay away from an infestation and the bites. And, they jump far and quick. Thanks for reading, and any solutions are definitely welcome.

    21. deijai1227,
      Thanks for sharing your experience.

    22. I used hartz flea and tick on my pug dog one day. one houre after puting it on he started acting verry weard. he was figiting bloaded runing around makeing weard sounds and would not open hes eyes. right away i gave hem a bath trying to wash it off. i have never been so scared of hem. i thought i had killed hem. for anyone out there thats thanking about useing hartz for anything. i strongly dont recamend it.

    23. I purchased hartz ultraguard pro drops for my two cats. I typically use revolution instead but decided to try a quicker solution this time. As soon as I put the product on my babies I knew I had screwed up. First of all, hartz is an oil based product. What this means is that there will be a sticky mess spread out on the animal’s fur for about 48 hours because of the amount of time it takes the product to be absorbed. With frontline, revolution, and advantage, the amount of time it takes for the product to be absorbed is much much less because it is alcohol based. This fact alone means that your animal will ingest less of the product.

      Within minutes of application, one cat became very lethargic and whined a lot. The other cat started jumping and over reacting to every movement with pupils dialated and soon started having muscle spasms. I called the hartz helpline but was assured that these symptoms were normal.

      By the time I attempted to wash the medication off, it was too late. My cats still seem to be suffering from significant symptoms including twitching and muscle spasms, abnormal pupil dilation, twitching eye muscles, loss of appetite, abnormal behavior and confusion and skin sensitivity.

      I am waiting at the vet at this very moment to find out how much damage has been done and I am typing from my blackberry, so I am sorry if this posting is hard to follow. I am so angry that this product is still allowed on the market. Even if the product does not harm every animal, I can definitely say that it is not worth the risk to me. In my case, 2 out of 2 cats suffered adverse effects.

    24. Melrose-
      You obviously have no clue! This has NOTHING to do with putting anyone out of business; it has EVERYTHING to do with justice and Hartz products. The person you are speaking poorly about is my sister and the pictures tell the whole story. Do you honestly think that there is any way a normal human being can take a collar out of a package and place it around a dog or cats neck the wrong way? Incase you don’t know, the answer is NO; therefore, that particular product could not have been misused or mishandled by my sister or anyone else. FACE IT, HARTZ , YES, the one that’s been around FOREVER, is at fault. I pray that nothing like this every happens to another animal.

    25. I don’t even know where to start. I had my cat , Handsome, for 3 years now. My boyfriend and I figured it was time for handsome to get a buddy so we went to the vet and adopted a kitten. A couple days went by and I noticed Handsome scratching uncontrollably. I went over to check him out and noticed there were several bugs crawling over him, Fleas, I just knew. I was about midnight and I rushed to wal-mart and purchased a flea product (Hartz ultaguard one drop treatment). The very next day after applying the treatment I noticed Handsome suffered from mouth tremors. I took him the the vet and they informed me he was okay and gave me revolution to put on him. I was a bit scapticale to apply it, but ws reassured that it was okay. A couple days later the twitches did not stop and he was not eating. While researching for a home work assignment I decided to researcher negative effects of pet flea medications. Do Not Use Hartz was everywhere! I became terrified. I am at my computer now by it being the weekend I have nothing to do. Did I kill my cat by applying Hartz on him? Why did I not do my research earlier. I am so afraid. How could this product still be on the market. I have read so many terrifying stories just within the last 30 minutes about this product.

    26. As a registered veterinary technician that has been working in emergency clinics for the past 7 years, I can confidently say I would NEVER recommend Hartz or similar spot flea treatments to a client, friend, family, or even foe! Sure, it’s cheaper… It’s convenient to pick up at the 24hr supermarket… it may or may not cause a toxicity in your cat. But is it worth the risk? If cost is a concern, I’d reconsider shelling out that little bit extra – and clients have told me there really isn’t a great difference in the prices anymore – for a product that we veterinary professionals have seen FAR fewer (not to mention so much less severely traumatic) reactions to.

      I’m happy, yet really sad to say that I’ve helped quite a few Hartz/topspot victims pull through the varying levels of tremors, hypersalivation, disorientation, and anorexia. Survival often depends upon prompt and intensive medical care requiring hospitalization, bloodwork monitoring, IV fluid therapy, and special medications to control tremors and/or seizures. Those that do make it home often end up with a bare back since we clip away any fur that may have soaked up the stuff.

      Organo-phosphate toxicity is difficult to treat. The outcome varies with each individual kitty, just as certain medications or alcohol may affect you and I VERY differently. I’ve seen some with full blown seizures miraculously pull through the next day, as well as some that didn’t seem to be so outwardly affected linger listlessly for days before their organs finally fail. Stranger still, I’ve actually taken an advice call or three saying they’ve already applied the Hartz one drop three days ago – and the cat’s just fine… now HOW TO GET RID OF THE FLEAS?!?!?!

      Seriously, there are much better products out there, and as a veterinary “nurse” I am not getting paid to tell anyone that. Even though I think we should (since I myself have allergies to cat fleas), we don’t even carry flea products in our emergency clinic. In my own personal and professional experience, I often recommend Advantage, Frontline, and Revolution as options for monthly flea control in kitty cats.

      Capstar is an awesome and extremely safe one-time oral treatment that kills off all the adult fleas over a 24hr period. Within 20-30 minutes you can actually watch the dying fleas abandon ship! Though it’s only available at the vet, and you gotta follow-up with a monthly treatment anyway to kill the eggs and larvae, it’s surely worth the cost of the visit if you’re dealing with a bad infestation. Advantage and Capstar are also safe for kittens that are 4 weeks old and at least 2 lbs! No way could you save the life of a flea-anemic kitten using that Hartz crap!

      Please excuse me for being so long here, but having witnessed too many cases to remember – I’m a bit passionate about sharing this information if it’ll save a single kitty from such trauma and possibly death. Doesn’t matter whether it’s Hartz or any other cheap on-the-shelf flea collar or spray or shampoo or dip or one spot to blame. Heck, we’ve even treated many nearly identical cases of feline OP toxicity due to the “higher end” flea and tick treatment Advantix… why would somebody try it if it SAYS for DOGS ONLY right on the label?! It even advises against it’s use on dogs in the same households with cats!

      Unfortunately I don’t have much experience with the more recently marketed Promeris or Triforce, and honestly have not read up on or heard enough regarding these products to give advice – but as always I suggest asking your vet and getting to know the active ingredients before making a decision to put any pesticide NEAR your pet!

    27. Nekomelee,
      Thank you very much for sharing experience from the field, as it were.

      BTW, nice nick, if I read it correctly. =)

    28. My 1 year-old cat Boots had a serious reaction last year to the Hartz UltraGuard Plus which I had picked up at Walmart. His whole personality changed for almost a month, very hyper and skittish; not himself at all, avoiding me and looking at me as if he didn’t know me.

      It finally dawned on me a few days later that it must have been the flea drops, as I then looked it up online & sure enough, found others had similar problems. I washed the oily back of his neck off right away, and I was very afraid of permanent damage. It took about a month for him to become himself again. Months later, I tried Advantage on him and he has shown no adverse effects from this. Boots had a severe reaction to Ultraguardplus. How many more animals will this happen to?

    29. My poor shelter kitty was found as a stray by some people. I’m sure they meant her no harm but they applied the Hartz product to clear up her fleas… Now she’s recovering from massive fur loss on her dorsum and ventral thorax. She’s the sweetest thing ever too. 😦 I hope her fur will recover fully! I’m bringing her to a holistic vet next week for a follow up. I don’t want to put any more chemicals on her poor little butt!

    30. Two words “American Ego” you should have done the research urself on a product before buying it. For that cat in the above pic to lose that much hair must have been neglected, period. Someone should give you a fine for waiting that long. Spend time with ur cat and notice him/her! The finger should not be pointed at the manufacturer, but the consumer! BTW i’m sure if you see a bottle of pills to lose 30lbs in 30days you would buy it before seeing what was in it and finding out if it works.

      • american ego? great thanks for turning this helpful site into something less. you obviously have issues in your life that need dealing with. might want to take care of that.

        Anyways. I have a cockapoo with fleas, she goes outside.. we also have a kitten in our house (indoor cat). I give coco regular flea baths once every couple of days with Hartz flea and tick shampoo. i scrub her with it and leave it on for 5 minutes. then rinse. Then when shes dry, once a month i apply the drops from the base of her skull to through her shoulder blades. i have to say. She has had no problems, the shampoo does kill fleas on the spot. i see them in the sink basin dead. however. the fleas just keep coming back.

        not to mention the cat owner does nothing to treat fleas on her kitten (irresponsible roommate) any recommendations?

        • Jennifer,
          Thanks. I’ll just respond to your question on the fleas =)

          Frankly, I believe you probably need to look at the source, and perhaps change the way you’ve been dealing with it. It might help to speak with your vet too.

    31. Most of you all are full of crap. I have been using Hartz flea and tick drops on my Yorkshire for years without any trouble. Get a life..

      • Yorkshire,
        How exactly does your lack of trouble negate the suffering and loss experienced by those who posted their less-than-troublesome experience with Hartz?

        Look through the comments again – is it more common to see problems with Hartz or arrogant Hartz users with lucky yorkshires?

        I’ll compose a song based on the pin drops while you do.

        Yorkshire, your dismissive attitude speaks for itself. Take your own advice and get a life.

    32. So, is it just the drops that are causing the problem? A few days ago a flea infestation popped up in my house and i got the flea and tick powder from hartz. I put it around my room and am making sure my cats stay outside until tomorrow after i vacuum it all up. So is the powder as dangerous as the drops? or am i OK as long as I keep my cats outside while the powder is out?

    33. Some people can eat peanut butter and be fine.. Others can eat it and die.
      Same thing with Hartz. Ever think you were spending so much time nit-picking the faults out of Hartz, that you never noticed how harmful other products may be? You make Hartz look horrible.. but all it really is, is an allergic reaction. It happens, God forbid. -.-
      Stop complaining and go read a book or something..

      Btw… I’ve used at least 5 products of theirs on multiple cats. You know what? They aren’t dead! >.<

      Love peace and chicken grease. ^.^

      • So Quispiam, why then the specific and focused outcry against Hartz but not the other products?
        As I said in my reply to Melrose here:
        Why so quick to dismiss all the evidence of problems Hartz has caused to innocent cats and dogs? If it happens to one or two cats or dogs here and there, then I would be willing to concede it might be a cause of misuse. But tell me, how diificult are flea control products to use? And if you have not done so, take a GOOD look at the victims sites. Despite claims by Hartz that their products are “improved”, victims are still falling to their products even NOW.”

    34. robert johnson

      LOST 4 CATS IN 2 MONTHS. I noticed my cats had fleas so I thought I was doing the right thing when I went to the local WalMart and bought the most expensive namebrand flea treatment they carried, Hartz UltraGuard Plus and the even ‘better’ Hartz flea treatment which also kills flea larvae though I’m not sure of the exact name since I threw away the empty box. I applied the treatment according to directions. A few days before the first cat passed away I noticed she seemed very slightly lethargic but not enough to be concerned about. Then she went into convulsions and quickly passed away. Time came for another flea treatment, and they still had fleas, so the Hartz UltraGuard Plus was applied. Again, they seemed to be fine. One of my cats developed the same very slightly lethargy for a few days and quickly passed away, but without the convulsions. The remaining 2 cats appeared to be fine and in good health but one suddenly became lethargic… I wondered what could it be? their food? their water? so I quickly went to WalMart and bought the best namebrand food and bottled water and Hartz Foaming Flea Killing Shampoo but by the time I returned she was considerably worse with difficulty walking and standing and dialating pupils, I gave her a bath and by the time I put her down on a towel she was unresponsive and passed away. My 1 remaining cat seemed fine but when flea treatment time came I used Sergeant’s Gold just to be on the safe side since they were all indoor cats living on their own porch and had no access to chemicals or harmful fumes of any kind and so I couldn’t imagine what it could be except the food? water? which had been changed, and now the flea treatment was changed too. I’m writing this on Wednesday September 2nd and at 2:00AM I checked on her and she was fine, at 8:00AM I heard a thrashing sound and she was having convulsions and quickly passed away. There was no time to take any of them to a vet and they all quickly fell ill and passed away. There’s 4 things I’d like to say in all honesty: 1. I do NOT have ANY proof or know for certain that Hartz (or Sergeant’s) flea treatment caused their death. 2. I DO have 4 cats that passed away quickly with similar symptoms. 3. If I ever have another cat and there’s a ‘New’ ‘Improved’ ‘Give it to me for free’ Hartz or Sergeant’s flea product I will never, ever use it on a cat. 4. For what it’s worth, it’s a strange feeling to come home to an empty house and know your buddies aren’t there ..and.. it’s not a good feeling when you’re upset and have to take a shovel and dig a resting place for your buddy. That’s stating it mildly. Out of curiosity, tonight I’ve checked several of these Websites for the first time and I’m glad they’re on the Internet… a little too late to find out… after all… who would have ever imagined the comments on these sites could ever be true for a namebrand product being sold in most every store in America? Thanks for your time and I hope some part of what I’ve written has be helpful.