Farewell to Blackie, the old girl sprayed with insecticide

We first met her on 9 December. She looked horrible but was so affectionate and trusting it was hard to reconcile her plight.

On 1 Jan, we managed a vid of her. She was recovering a little from the insecticide, but as Foster Mum feared, was down with flu. Despite being sick, she was still as affectionate as ever, purring her heart out as I coaxed her to purr and vocalise for the vid. I then decided to leave her to rest as she looked so frail and fragile.

Today she has passed on. And it is only with the news that I learnt she was called Blackie. How I regret not giving her an extra headrub on 2 Jan.

Farewell, Blackie. May you arrive safely over the rainbow bridge, where your love and affection will be reciprocated with something other than insecticide.


5 responses to “Farewell to Blackie, the old girl sprayed with insecticide

  1. Farewell Blackie

  2. It’s always hard to say good-bye… Having to experience love even at the last stage of life would have given her much comfort to this cold and heartless world. You and the rest had done well.

    Farewell Blackie, may your sprit be free now.

  3. Yes Blackie, go with a forgiving heart. Thank you for the joy, no matter how little; you have given to us.

  4. I always think that community animals who die in care are the fortunate ones, even though their short lives on earth are anything but. Farewell, Blackie. You are alleviated from any suffering now. Rest for ever and bless the carers who shed tears for you. I am so glad there were at least someones who have been saddened and touched by your life and departure.

  5. Yes, thank you for wishing Blackie well.