Area 2 cat in trouble

We’ve not written about Sally before. That’s because we hardly see her. She’s a very sweet girl, who suddenly popped up in Area 2 with a (we suspect) newly tipped ear late in 2005. She’s slowly moved away from her initial landing spot, which is now Sasha’s and Benji’s dining area, and has made her home in the other end of Area 2 and established herself there by mid-2006. Where she’s got a feeder – an irresponsible family whom I’ve spoken to, twice, but obviously did not get through to.

Today, we got to know there’s a complaint against her feeder family, and that the complainant, who pretty much complains about everything, also complained about Sally as he doesn’t like seeing Sally sitting at his block’s void deck.

btmao has the details, so here’s to her maiden blog post. SOON.

Pictures of Sally taken in January 2006

Sally’s sweet face

Still a ravenous and somewhat nervous cat then


10 responses to “Area 2 cat in trouble

  1. All the best to handling this compulsive complaining complainant! We can learn so as to handle such people in our own estate.

  2. What’s wrong with a cat sitting at the void deck?

    Can I complain that I don’t like this guy sitting at the void deck if I see him? Some people just don’t make sense. If you don’t like cats, avoid it when you see it. Don’t have to complain and try to get it removed. What harm has the cat done to you. Sheesh.

  3. vegancat,
    Thanks. btmao is in touch with the TC officer who, while typical of the avoid-trouble mentality, is reasonable. He has promised not to remove Sally, especially after btmao talked to him about the vacuum effect. But we’ll see how he respond to the complainant’s incessant whinings.

    Exactly. Sadly, I’ve gotten to know a few cats in other areas have died precisely from such a complaint. I’m trying to get the caregivers in those areas to let the TC know that they are there to avoid more senseless killings like this. The most ridiculous one I heard was about a woman who fears cats, and so she called the TC to remove a very shy and docile cat who she always sees sitting at THE NEXT BLOCK, from afar. And yes, the cat died, even though he/she has never even tried to go near the woman, who by her own admission had never crossed paths with the cat nor had the cat even approached her in any way.

  4. I guess it’s really unfortunate that there are unreasonable people that like who project their fear on everything.

    Sometimes I wonder how such people’s fears came about. I know of people who do not like cats or animals, not because of some traumatic experience, they just don’t like them. And they have no sympathies for animals of any kind at all.

    We have truly become a less tolerant society. I saw in yesterday’s TODAY that China is banning images of pigs on TV because of “sensitivities” to muslims. To me, that’s just another demonstration of intolerance. Why the need to ban an IMAGE that does not have any direct significance? Muslims can’t eat pork, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t see a picture of a pig. I’m still scratching my head over that one.

  5. Oh, it makes me wonder. Do we then have to change the 12 animal zodiacs and remove the pig?

    Hmmm … then what animal would I end up being represented by?

  6. I think it’s part cultural, part nurture, and part national.

    I also saw that news article. I thought it’d be a quirk of the US to desensitise and take away the meaning and core of celebrations like Christmas, but to see it right in the neighbourhood, and because of the Chinese Zodiac… i’m also scratching my head. I just hoep the sg gov’t don’t try to follow. It’s not going to help promote tolerance and understanding, it’ll just create more problems.

    What’s going to happen come the year of the Ox – say it offends Hindus to see the sacred creature being honoured only for 1 year in 12? And the Dog will offend Muslims again? How about the Dragon, surely some pragmatists would deem the celebration of a mythical creature scandalous. And the Rat carried the bubonic plague that almost wiped out Europe in the 14th century, so do the Europeans have to be shielded too?

    Well, which animal do you like? How about petitioning for that as your replacement sign? 🙂

  7. What about gathering support from residents of the block with names and contact numbers and send the list to the TC officer so that he can respond to the unreasonable complainant that his request for removal of Sally has been objected by his neighbours.

  8. Are pigs being branded for being “dirty” because the devil was cast into them, causing them to plunge to their death. Poor pigs. They had died such tragic death and yet the present unrelated pigs are still being prejudiced through no fault of theirs.
    Indeed this world is degenerating into a trouble pot of intolerance.

  9. Vegancat,
    I think we’re not at that stage where we need to think about gathering names. The TC officer is willing to work with us and he’s also very clear that the complainant is a troublemaker. We’ll see how it goes for now. Also, the area is actually quite complaint-prone, we may be creating an adverse result to highlight the presence of cats there… talk about cauldron of intolerance.

  10. I still like the pig. Pigs are actually very intelligent animals, smarter than dogs it has been shown.

    I actually don’t like the world we are living in anymore. Things were much nicer when I was younger. There seems to be alot more tolerance then than now.