Kheilly will be dearly missed

We had an accident at home yesterday. Kheilly Fluffisaurus fell out of our flat while the grilles, which have been meshed-up, were opened for window cleaning.

The prognosis was not fantastic: a small pocket of air in the lungs, 3 breaks in the left hind leg, including one at the ankle, 1 in the upper arm of the left front leg, shattered pelvic bones on both sides, and a likely mis-aligned 11th vertabrae on the spine. The vet told us him being such a big cat means his damage was worse than possible.

But there was hope as his injuries seemed to be restricted mainly to the physical. He even managed to prompt the vet to say “Thats a VERY good sign!” when he moved his hind legs and attempted to stand up. It looked like he might escape permanent paralysis. But we understood that it would be a long long process even if he could be saved. His fractures were bad and extensive surgery was going to be needed. But we were prepared, and would be going all the way with Kheilly.

I had even started planning on appeals for sponsorship for our rescue and rehome cats, like Chrissy the liver-failure cat, and Corrie, the FiV positive girl, so that we can concentrate on getting him through his treatment. I was also planning to call Foster Mum and ask about the wheels that Debbie and Andie, the paraplegic cats used, in case Kheilly needed therapy.

The vet told us we could leave after settling the deposit, and he will work on the most pressing issues: parting the pelvic bone fragments pressing on Kheilly’s urinary tract and get him into a back brace to stabilise his spine. We were to call in the morning. Thereafter, decisions will depend on Kheilly’s condition. The best-case would be that he had not lost his control of waste elimination and his spine is not damaged. We crossed our fingers and tried to keep our hopes up.

But it was not to be. We were barely out of the clinic when the vet called again.

The sweet boy has always been timid and shy, and it proved his undoing – our forever kitten died of shock while the vet was attending to him. Kheilly passed away at the vet clinic at a little after 4pm.

Please send your kind thoughts for his easy passage.


12 responses to “Kheilly will be dearly missed

  1. Kheilly dear, rest now… rest in the throne of grace.

  2. Kheilly is freed of the limitations of a physical body. He is now out and about, neither limited by place, by time or by space. He might just be besides you smooching you all over for the love you had showered on him. Surely this strong bond cannot be but continues on. Be at peace and be happy for him.

  3. I’m really sorry for your loss. Kheilly has touched many lives whilst he was around-through the postings on your blog. I occasionally pop in your blog and I recall the first time I came across khielly’s picture I thought he was impossibely cute and furry. and a posting on him never fails to put a smile on my face. I am sure many others have been touched by him as well. He may not know this, but his existence did make a difference. He will be missed.

  4. So sorry that you lost Kheilly so suddenly and unexpected. Hope you will find comfort remembering the good times you had together.
    He may still be nearby and even try to tell you not to be sad. Soon after Malcolm died my eyes fell upon a church steeple and then on the road sign below, which read ‘Malcolm Road’. I took that as a sign from him to tell me that he is safe and happy

  5. My heart feels for you, Calsifer … 😦 Sorry to hear of your loss in such an unfortunate incident.

  6. Big Ears, Vegancat, Veganmeow, Mama Piggy,
    Thank you. I’m trying to keep what Mama Piggy said about Life being about going through and letting go in view. We still have 5 slackers, and among them his mother, Rheilly, who needs comforting and attention now that she can’t find Kheilly anywhere. We’re thankful she also has Philly, her littermate, to turn to for comfort too.

    I’ve been looking at the photos we’ve taken, they’re not the sum of Kheilly’s existence, but they’re a fair record of some of his time with us. When we’re ready, I’ll do a pictorial memorial.

    Meantime, we’re trying to keep our eyes dry, and our hearts light, and send positive thoughts for his journey onwards.

    Thank you very much for letting us know Kheilly made a difference to your day. It helps a lot, to know he was loved by people out there on the net, people who only knew him through his photos and our words.

  7. 😦 This is so painful to read. Take care ok?

  8. Hi Calsifer,

    Just happened to log onto the internet in Cambodia & just read your sad news.

    My condolence.

    Take care,

  9. Thank you, thank you all.

    Actually, it’s btmao who should be receiving the condolences… she is the cat mum, and Kheilly responds especially well to her voice. It was especially heart-rending when he was sprawled on the cold hard ground and trying desperately to get up and run to her.

  10. I was in Shanghai and couldn’t get internet. Only read this today. So sorry to hear about Kheilly. Pls send my hugs to btmao and Rheilly.

  11. Kat the cat-crazy American

    back from myanmar now and can finally read kheilly’s story. so, so sorry…

    be free now, kheilly. but stop by now and then and keep a loving eye on btmao and calsifer. i know tucker, shandi, and ali will be your friends on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

  12. Thank you, AutumnPiglet, Kat.