Dharma and Sanga

Good news, Foster Mum says Sanga has stopped her bullying. Dharma has an easier time now, though is sitll more shy then her sister.

Dharma definitely is an omega. She looks to Sanga for leadership in everthing she does. When we opened their cage door, she held back, and watched her sister begged for headrubs before she tentatively did the same.

But they were both a bit wary of the camera initially. Later Sanga relaxed and lost interest in the machine. And both of them settled down, as this non-eventful vid shows.

Here’s closeups of the lovelies.


This picture belies the fact that Sanga is the alpha.

Whatever it is, it is clear that they will have to be adopted as a pair., otherwise Dharma will have an extremely difficult time on her own.


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