Isam’s established… semipet?

Since Isam lost his mojo, and started settling down, something happened that did not surprise us. He’s been hanging out more and more at the home tuft of the other lot of semipets – Ian, Baby’s and Chica. We’re not surprised, the family has a penchant for luring attractive new cats to their flat, as happened with Izzy who was bullied ceaselessly by the resident alpha Ian before we took him out and placed him in fostercare for adoption.

We had to remove Izzy because the ruckus of Ian’s bullying might trigger complaints and cause Izzy and Ian and his housemates’ lives. We explained this to the family before, and they knew and were aware of the dangers and problems because we had asked them to help look out for Bobby when we first moved him to the carpark in Area 1 to save his life. In fact, they had told us of early problems caused by another neighbour’s free-ranging pet cats, who had all disappeared since.

But here we are, with history repeating itself. We had witnessed the confrontations between Ian and Isam before, but since the family is oblivious, we could only watch and hope no one complains. Despite being a semi-pet to the family, Isam, like Ian is always hungry for food. But unlike Izzy, Isam is not a good adoption candidate due to his temper and so we did not remove him into foster care.

Vid: Isam tucks in to btmao’s dinner service


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