Salvi losing fur

On the way back from Sally’s, we came across Salvi, who has grown up a bit since we last saw her.

As this vid show, she’s got a bit of street-smarts. Naturally, since she’s a semi-pet free-ranging right next to a primary school.

Vid: Salvi wary

Vid: Salvi wary but undecided about where to go for safety. The window she wanted to jump is at the back of her family’s ground-floor flat

Here’s Salvi going into her “home”, a large clutter outside her family’s flat.

Vid: Salvi disappears into messy HDB flat corridor clutter

Each vid shows clearly that she’s not in a good state of health – look at how patchy her fur is. We’d like to try ot talk to her family but as always, her family is not in – we just can’t seem to catch them at home.

As I was vidding her, btmao went ahead to check out Isam, who seems to have established himself as the new semipet fo the Ian, Baby’s and Chica’s family.


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