Area 2: One mystery kitty id’d

We have yet to sight the tuxedo girl again.

But the cream-coloured one was seen at dinner-service today! He was sharing the same drain as Benji.

In fact, it was Benji who alerted us to his presence, and of course that of the cream-colored one.

They’re both very skittish, but the cream one, still as seedy as we remembered, would scoot back into the drain at the slightest sound.

Watching Benji from the safety of the trench.

Coming out at last. It’s not obvious here but he has the double-backed tail as Benji. We’re almost sure they’re brothers.

Cream-coloured kitt following Benji’s lead. The schmell of the canned grub was mighty powerful lure too. But he soon scooted back to safety as some people passed by.

Benji was less so of course, being familiar with btmao. He ate after being sure the passers-by had passed by.

But he was obviously worried about his kin. We were both surprised to see him leaving the food after only a few gulps to go and call the cream-coloured one out.

Responding to Benji. btmao saw he was a boy… later we decided on naming him Kenji.

Still careful. They were both approaching the food when more people passed by. Benji and Kenji split different ways, Kenji into the same trench, Benji in another direction

Food was a great lure, but hunger was still not enough to entice the cream-coloured one to stay with the grub. In the end, we had to leave the food in the drain before the poor thing could eat. But he still checked for danger from time to time. Poor Benji though was totally MIA.

We’ll need to get Kenji to trust us and get him snipped. Hopefully soon.


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