April Update

I sent April for her check-up/vaccination/deworm on Monday, and personally conveyed her into Foster Mum’s care.

The vet’s verdict: April is a healthy young female, 1-2 years old, and highly affectionate and trusting.

April’s only problem is that tearing right eye. However, it looks fine otherwise as we’ve observed. Vet says it is the result of a tear-duct build-up, the tears that are naturally secreted by the eye are not being drained properly, thus building up and overflowing. It’s probably an on-off thing for April. Vet also says this is common as a chronic aftermath of an untreated or incompletely treated bout of cat flu, which was likely to have happened in April’s kittenhood. The specific bacteria involved is Chlamydophilia (or Chlamydiosis).

But it’s not a big problem. All she needs is some saline wash and eye ointment whenever it happened. (Incidentally, for any interested, here’s a primer on how to administer eye medicine)

I didn’t take any pictures or vids for the vet visit, but here’s her pic and vid from the fateful night of Fools:

That’s btmao’s cat-piper hand on display.

Vid – Eager beaver: April’s really been starved for quite a while

We’ll get her primed for adoption, but for now, the important things are to fatten her up and observe her for signs of being on heat – we don’t want to have her opened up again if she’s been sterilised already!

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