Helping China’s Animals

China is a problem region. I am ethnically Chinese, and I can’t stand what is happening to animals in China either. Sometimes, I lay in bed, wondering at the atrocities being perpetuated against animals in China.

The recent disgraceful report on making tigers into wine is not an exceptional example of China’s record with regard to animal isusses.

From bear-bile farms, cat/dog meat eating, cat/dog fur, sharks fin, the inhumane crackdown on dogs in Beijing,

(As an aside to the sharks fin eating, apparently, sharks and humans share the same genes that determine how and where their fins, and our arms, grow. Theoretically then, biting into your arm is as good as eating a bowl of sharks fin, which by the way is absolutely tasteless by itself.)

I think FiveCatsMum has hit it on the head, so please read her post, Helping China’s Animals, and think about what you can do to help the Chinese become more aware, and help the animals in China.


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