Why Do East Asians Eat Dog/Cat meat?

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Thinking about Helping China’s Animals, I remembered a lengthy ramble I wrote to a friend in America who asked in Dec 2005:

“Can you tell me why the Chinese and or some Asians still eat dogs and cats? I don’t understand. I am a naive American and to me it is awful but perhaps cultures don’t mix but omnivores eating omnivores (dogs) and carnivores (cats) just seem physically (not to mention morally) wrong no matter what.

CNN just did a video expose on the “Markets of Misery” and it was heartbreaking. My pet cats are my “children” and mean the world to me and I would die to save them from any danger.”

I shared my thoughts on this topic with her and this is what I wrote:

As to your question on why Asians eat dogs and cats – bear with me as I try to reason my way through it… not that I myself understand or approve… but i’ll try to give as objective a view as I can.

Before I go on, I’d like to say that though I’m ethnically Chinese, I’m not a China Chinese, Singapore is quite a country apart from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc as a sovereign state, so I may not be able to give you an accurate view of how it really is. Anyway, I’m not totally into the Chinese Gastro-Culture thing… don’t think I ever will! Esp seeing as i’ve turned veghead =P.

Here goes:

I’m sure you already know that Asians have a reputation/penchant for so-called “exotic” foods. This is much like the French with their taste for fine food, esp things like foie gras, or the italians with their taste for veal. To me, there’s no difference in the human obsession with food, whatever their race or nationality. It just seems funny to me that the highlight is skewed on Asian eating when every country where this sort of thing goes on, whether it is dogs, cats, geese, or cows and calves that suffer the brutality, should be censured.

As for Asians, I will try to tell you more about the Chinese gastronomical philosophy. The Chinese, and to a very large extent, the east asian cultures of Japan, Korea too, have very elaborate systems and schools of thought about food. They are also very very proud of their gastro-cultural heritage.

East Asians believe in the therapeutic values of certain foods, for the Chinese esp, and they even have a whole thing about nourishment according to shape/similarity in function of a specific part. EG rhino horn, tiger penis, deer penis for aphrodisiacs, pig brains for boosting brain power, bear bile for fever, etc. There is also a culture of appreciation for “fine/exotic food” – sharksfin, abalone, live monkey brain, live bear paws. In addition, there is another, yes, another, thing about eating food according to seasons. For the Chinese, “cooling food” like fruits or maybe cold meat dishes, deer antler shavings in summer, and “warming food” in winter, like dogmeat, wildgame etc. (I confess that I do not understand where catmeat figure in this, but I susepct in the warming food category.)

In particular, the Cantonese dialect group – the province of Guangdong/Canton, next to Hong Kong – who are the emperors of Chinese gastro-culture, like the French for the Western world, are the ones with their heads in gastronomical “heaven”, which means bleeding hell for animals, is the most fervent about food. (Guangdong is also where most of the exotic food culture exists, and extends out from there to other parts of China. This is also where most of the videos of the dog and cat meat markets are shot.)

Of course, this gastro-culture has been condemned worldwide. But so? To date, it still goes on. It has also led to and encouraged poaching of exotics – like tigers, leopards, bears, rhinos, sharks. If it’s something edible, you can bet that someone in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and maybe even Japan, and Korea will pay for it. In addition, don’t forget that the Chinese have a presence in almost every other country as immigrants. The extent of the damage of this gastroculture, is, imho, nightmarish.

In 2003, SARS started from Guangdong, spread to Hong Kong, and was carried into Singapore by a stewardess. The cause in Guangdong was believed to be the Cantonese penchant for wild game, and it was narrowed down to civet cats. Thus began an extermination drive of civet cats already in the market place – inhumane methods like boiling, electrocution, drowning in chemicals (some live drowning footage was shown on the local news so this is not hearsay)… civet cat meat was banned, and so was exotic meat trapping, and the exotic meat markets quietened down considerably… but that lasted about as long as a droplet of sneeze stays airborne. By late 2003, the meat markets were back in full blossom. And in Singapore, the government jumped at the mere mention of a possibility of SARS transmission by cats, and ordered an end to our national TnRM programme, which was just barely 5 yrs old, and began culling cats in earnest. That year, the official stray culling bill was SGD$600,000, SGD$100,000 more than the yearly average. Like many cat-caregivers, my sister and I lost a few cats we cared for, all on the whim of a fear.

In case my statement about me not being a China-Chinese leads you to think that things are rosy here in Singapore – here’s a few facts to show that Singapore is as bad, if not worse than the rest of Asia:

  1. we are the largest trade center for sharksfin
  2. as a trading hub, smuggling and the illegal wildlife trade has a big presence here too, (though not as rampant as Thailand) – there has been cases of raids and consfication of illegally smuggled animals for export or sales/consumption locally
  3. A friend also told me how a colleague was extolling the great taste of the live-monkey brain she had in Hong Kong just last year
  4. This year, there was a newspaper feature about a local man who has set up a hunting club and there was even a link to his site where he displayed the trophy photos of him and his cohorts on hunting trips to Africa – he makes a living organising these murder sprees too
  5. Our anti-animal smuggling/illegal trade laws are too lenient – punishment is for per/species, and no sentence has ever even come close to the max punishment of a max fine of SGD$10,000 and jail term of 1 yr. NEVER.

Further afield, another one of my pet rant is the whale-hunting sham of the Japanese. One strange thing about the Japanese and eating whales is that whales were not a traditional part of the Japanese gastro-culture. Apparently, whale meat became popular in Japan after the economic collapse casued by WWII. Their defense of their right to eat whale as tradition, is in short, a load of bull. The Koreans too, have a thing for whale meat; whether this is influenced by the Japanese, who ruled them as a colony until early the 1900s, I’m not sure.

Back to your question about why cats and dogs for Asians. With cats, East Asians, apart from the Japanese I believe, did not have as cosy a relationship like Europeans and Americans have, ie they were not popular as pets until recent history. Incidentally, there is also a very common misconception that Malays are great cat lovers, but that’s another, much more sensitive topic. As for dogs… well… traditionally they are viewed more as working animals, property like any other object, or livestock.

Actually you know what? Whether cats, dogs, geese or other animals, I think it boils down to what I believed is called the human disconnect mentality. Like our attitude towards factory farming – we know it is morally wrong to treat animals the way they’ve been, especially cows, pigs, goats, chickens ducks, and other everyday food animals. But it still goes on – because we allow it to. And we can allow it go on, because we’re disconnected from the reality of the factoryfarm and the assembly process slaughter-houses.

And speaking of exotic food, how about bushmeat… Africans eat gorillas, and other primates. In Asia too the same is happening to the Orang Utans, the only great ape to be found in Asia. The Malaysians, and Indonesian kill Orangutans, eat them, sell their babies, in addition to destroying their habitat – like Gorillas, orang utans are not expected to survive long unless things change – the orangs have only another 5, maybe 10 years in the best of scenarios.

To be fair, and I am saying this objectively, there are also many people who do not eat meat at all – vegetarianism is a big part of being devout Buddhists and Taoists (except Japan where I understand the concept of total meat abstinence does not exist). There are others who are against the cruelties in Asia on moral grounds, though the number is small.

But people are working against the horrors of Asian gastro-culture. For example, bearbile farm rescue, anti-dog/cat meat eating campaigns in Korea and China and so on. There’s so much to fight against, and so little headway achieved – fighting against the largest continent of humans with thousands of years of gastro-pride is no mean feat. But there are people working on it.

I just wish more people will acknowledge the cruelties perpetuated in their names and for their sakes! Visit this site and scroll down to for a list of some animal-welfare/activist groups in Asia fighting the fight: http://acres.org.sg/links.html

WELL! I’ve been rambling… sorry for that. I do hope your patience hasn’t run out, and that you did find something useful in all that verbage =)

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80 responses to “Why Do East Asians Eat Dog/Cat meat?

  1. Dean Fredericks

    Basically. Asians have no sympathy, they do not care about animals suffereing, do not care if animals are endangered. They would glady put an animal through the worst suffereing imanginable just to eat it.

    Asians also have incredibly small penis, compared to westerners. Asians are very dump, and beleive eating things like tiget penis will help them get a better errection. Chinese mens small penises, and there attempts to getter a better errection are behind alot of cruel things.

    That is why they eat cats and dogs.

    I hope that answers your question.

  2. Dean Fredericks,
    “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”

    While I get the gist of your message, I do not agree with the meanness of your post. There are any number of non-Asians who are guilty of the same “do not care about animals suffereing, do not care if animals are endangered” that Asians are associated with. For eg:
    The cruel ways in which Greece got rid of homeless cats and dogs in the name of the Athens Olympics 2004
    Foie Gras. Viva La France, oui?
    EU moves to ban cat and dog fur. With how the West goes on about humane animal treatment, and the professed Western affection for pet cats and dogs, why is the EU only now moving to ban cat and dog fur?
    Canadians hold annual Harp Seal Massacre
    The truth about white tigersThe American obsession with threatens the conservation of tigers, which are critically endangered.

    That’s just a drop in the ocean of humanity’s collective cruelty, Dean Fredericks, which you should have considered before you launched into your small-minded diatribe.

    But i must thank you for demonstrating that meanness of spirit and mind, egotism, ignorance are universal, not race specific.

  3. laura duquette

    Dean’s post show’s how ignorant people still are around the world. Love how Dean state’s that Asian’s are “dumb” but can’t even spell the word correctly. Eating cat and dog meat is no different than people in Florida who eat gaotr meat, European’s have horse meat or people in the northern states having squirrel meat. I bet if people from a white culture were eating cat and dog meat, there would be no problem.


    • Laura I can totally agree with you on the statement about Dean but one disagreement I would have is the statement you said about “Eating cat and dog meat is no different than people in Florida who eat gaotr meat, European’s have horse meat or people in the northern states having squirrel meat. ” In my opinion it is different to eat cat or dog meat than gator or squirrel meat, for the simple fact that in normal American culture you do not usually keep an alligator or squirrels as pets. I think I can speak on behalf of most americans and say that I would rather prefer to keep my dog or car as a pet and not as food. It is just not the experience that I grew up with. Don’t get me wrong I respect all cultures and I am more than willing to learn about all of them but I am not use to the idea of using these particular lovable animals as an item for food and I think many of the people would agree with me on that fact. I think if any chinese food resturants actually use dog and cat meat they should stop because us westerners do actually find it disrespectful to our beliefs and wishes. Thank You for Reading

    • U must be asian eat a donkeys penis you fuckin fuck

  4. There is just one simple reason why dogs and cats should not be eaten. Dogs and cats defend themselves violently until death as they are predators and therefore to sacrifice them for food requires a lot of cruelty when compared to animals like horses, pigs and chicken or fish. Dogs and cats can not be grown in farms without extreme violence, which makes human beings look what we do not want them to look like – violent living beings. in reality animals should not be eaten at all, but as we know that this seems to be impossible in practice at least we human beings should exclude animals that defend themselves vigorously – violence brings violence and I cannot imagine dealing with a butcher working in an dog farm. We human beings are suppossed to be intelligent and thus we should evolve into more humane manners – in conclusion we should not eat animals with violence or at least we should choose those animals that are less violent: traditionally most of the farm animals eaten by Westerners. Is this racism? No, it is simple logic. Imperalism? East Asians may not behave themselves as cruel animals just because they think that Westerns are imperialists… they show themselves as what they are… undeveloped human beings unable to recognise what they are?

  5. Jose M,
    You almost make it sound plausible. But how are imperialists any better than undeveloped human beings?

    Nothing is farmed “without violence” these days. Not even westerner-imperialist food like foie gras or veal. Clearly you are not up-to-date about what “farming” is these days. And what about the Aussies’ cat stew? Aussies are westerners in the southern hemisphere. By your definition, they are undeveloped imperialists human beings. Wake up and smell the imperial reek, Jose M.

    I’m curious to know, Jose M: what do YOU eat? As I asked of Dean Fredericks: ““Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”

  6. First of all: many human behaviors are dreadful: killing children, girls esp in some cultures, killing of old people in other
    Second, historically many cultural histories are shameful: the holocaust in Germany, in Cambodia and the more educated people in such cultures find such behaviors disgusting, American genocide of Indians and don’t participate.you over generalize: most Chinese I know think killing and eatings dogs is disgusting.
    Third, many practices have disappeared with improvement of conditions from many places. French would be sickened by the eating to dogs. If you search around for the weird oddity you are overgeneraling..also more educated people have different patterns than the rural or uneducated. Each group can do what they want-then you have no argument against jihad, genocide, or the rape and killing of women in the congo today..This is all nonesense!

  7. Taylor,
    Where do the Chinese you know live and where did they grow up in?

    You say I generalise. Tell us what you’re doing when you say “most Chinese I know think killing and eatings dogs is disgusting”? How representative of the Chinese race are the Chinese YOU know?

    It’s when these disgusting things like dog and cat meat eating, whale-hunting, foie gras rearing, peodophilia or worse are dismissed as the overgeneralised “weird oddiity” that they continue to thrive. There are movements against all these deplorable acts, they must be really well-marketed overgeneralised weird oddities. What nonsense indeed.

  8. Eating dog meat in Guangdong (south-eastern Chinese province) is not considered weird at all. It’s common place in winter, and dog meat costs about 20 RMB per kilo ($2.5 USD). It’s hardly surprising – in the villages, dogs are not neutered and are consequently ubiquitous. I’ve had friends who have had purebreds stolen because their neighbours wanted to fill a hotpot.

  9. Calsifer,
    I think your post is awesome. You point out accurately that human supremacy over animals in world-wide, and that we should look in our own backyards. Speciesism is also linked to racism, sexism, etc, etc…the devaluing of other animals (be they non-human or human) is what ‘permits’ their ongoing exploitation. Everyone opposed to the practise of eating cats and dogs who isn’t already a vegetarian, or better yet a vegan, must do some serious soul searching. As a Canadian I spend a lot of time protesting the killing of seals in my own country, but I am also dedicated to ending the cruel exploitation of other animals as well. As the African American novelist Alice Walker so succinctly put it, “The animals of this world were not meant for humans any more than blacks were meant for whites, or women were meant for men”. We all have a role to play in ending oppression where ever we see it, as it is always those with greater power exploiting the vulnerable, be they human or non-human.

  10. Yes, I heard that asian people eats cats and dogs but I never heard about this case in japan. We may think that all asians are the same but it is not true. They do not speak and wright the same language. So not all the asians eats dogs and cats. In conclusion, japan never eats cats or dogs. They do eat whales but it is getting less and less sold at the stores.

  11. Fireweed,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    I certainly did not say the Japanese ate dogs and cats. However, I am curious about how you reach your conclusion that Japanese “never” eat kitties and poochies – how did you derive that? And while it does seem that whale meat is not popular among Japanese, it does not seem to want for the authorities’ trying.

    BTW, as an Asian myself, and a Chinese at that, I am very aware of the common misconception about the homogeneity among us.

  12. sick @ss slanty c()nts stay in your own hell hole, you are the real animals and it is a fact that asians smell bad to

    • Your comment really is that of ignorance and prejudice
      Last time i checked Caucasians are geographically associated with that of the continent Europe and U.K It also cannot be said that a particular Race is Associated with body odor you Sir. are obviously a undereducated Redneck that’s family is filled with incest with led to your inbred birth Dumbing your self down to this level of course I came to this conclusion by reading your crudely written sentences
      your the real animal.

  13. sicktomysoul

    Im generally a cheerful person but remarks from Dimmy, Dean Fredericks and Jose M are just soul crushingly depressing.

    The uneducated red neck, illogical, small minded and quite frankly stupid viewpoints of these individuals highlight how much we as a society has to learn.

    I suppose really its not their entirely their fault, we are of course programmed to a large extent by our environment and upbringing. But still in this open information age they have every tool at their disposal to open their minds.

    Instead we get racist drivel such as

    “sick @ss slanty c()nts stay in your own hell hole”

    “they show themselves as what they are… undeveloped human beings unable to recognise what they are?”

    “Asians also have incredibly small penis, compared to westerners. Asians are very dump, and beleive eating things like tiget penis will help them get a better errection.”

    I believe its been mentioned already but practically every major culture, race and country has committed unimaginable horror and crimes against humanity (Hiroshima, Jewish Purge, Treatment of Slaves and may more). Sadly these events are always glossed over in the history books and mindsets of the nations responsible.

    My point? No matter where you are from, your country, or culture has at some point committed atrocious acts. Dont be so quick to judge. Dont preach. Just open your mind and try to make this world better through civilised and reasoned social interaction. Hopefully you’re all 10 years old and haven’t grown up yet.

    We live in a sometime beautiful world, be on the side of the angels, not the beasts.

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  15. All asians are not dumb we Indians don’t eat cat and dog meat and we eat less meat than americans i.e., our avg. meat consuption is lesser and there are lots of vegetarians don’t blame all the asians.If an alien was to blame the all earthlings because someone ate an alien how would you feel

  16. Anyone who abuses any animal, whether for their fur or for their meat, are satanic and barbaric. I’ve seen videos of those satanic asians who slowly torture those animals, giving no regard to the excruciating pain they feel as they are being slowly butchered to their deaths. Trust me, those who hurt the innocent, whether human or animal, will eventually have to answer to God for their evil and satanic behavior.

    • Of course you base this on a video whose origin you have no exact knowledge on
      Satanic asians as you say? torture? I’m pretty sure that not all of the asian race can be called “Satanic” there are those who do horrible things that aren’t of the asian race and whose religion does not associate with Satan in africa they kill elephants and rhino’s without a care of thier pain and anguish just to make money it is greed that drives these people not satanic behavior Evil is just an excuse you made to label the asian’s in the video you saw in fact their is animal cruelty everywhere where you have no knowledge of where it’s going on
      Your faith in God is very hypocritical Didn’t the bible say thou shall not judge?

  17. Black People

    Dean and Jose are retarded ignorant asses that probably got picked on everyday at school.

  18. When you cite Asians eating cat and/or dog meat, make sure that you preclude countries like India. While we are at it, creatures like crickets, grasshoppers, snails, snails, monkeys etc. are not consumed either in this country. The overwhelming majority of the Indian population is VEGETARIAN. Thank you.

  19. Sarup Chopra,
    When you leave comments, make sure you do read and understand the topic first. Where in my post was India implicated? This is impossible unless India has shifted geopgraphically from South-West to East Asia. Try to be less sensitive and less political-correctness driven, it helps. (PS: This applies to your comment too, commentor Indian (June 14th, 2008 at 4:54 pm).)

    And while we’re at it, I’ve worked with a number of Indian nationals who assure me that the “overwhelming majority of the Indian population is VEGETARIAN” perception is just a misleading generalisation at best.

  20. Jose M: Unless you are a vegan, criticizing Asian culinary culture is hypocritical. I read the excuses you posted here to rationalize why its ethical to kill a helpless animal, but wrong to kill an animal who resists. Nonsense! Some pets are very docile, some farm animals have much fighting spirit. It’s a completely self serving artificial logic. Have you seen how farm animals suffer when they are slaughtered? They feel as much pain and misery as a pet would. We know now that humans can thrive on a diet free of animal products. I’ve been vegan for almost two decades and I am a healthy and fit person. At the bottom line, eating animals or their byproducts causes incredible suffering and is totally unnecessary. There is no humane or ethical way to take a life if the purpose is to please your taste buds. Wash your own hands of blood first before you point your finger.

    A Western carnivore has as much blood on her hands as an Asian carnivore. Killing is killing. The whole damn planet is one giant stinking slaughterhouse, and among my friends who abstain from participating in this mass murder are many good Asian people.

  21. First of all people should know that Indians are also asians,we don’t eat dogs and cats at all.In our country most of the people practise vegetarianism,there are people who don’t eat eggs too.I am a vegetarian.So don’t insult us by posting these kind of mails.May God bless you.

    • You have no idea what goes on in your country just because you don’t see it happening doesn’t mean it isn’t their are many woe’s associated with poverty what would you do to feed your family if you were unable to provide them with a meal?

  22. The thing that many of you don’t take into account however, is that eating an animal is eating an animal. People think that just because dogs and cats have some magical right to live in our homes that they’re kept from being eaten. You’ve all assumed that because people in East Asian society eat dogs and cats that we’re some barbaric demons out to butcher your pets. Think of it this way, if you raised cows and chickens in your own home, you would still eat them, and enjoy them at that.

    Also, to Lori, your quote is as follows. “Anyone who abuses any animal, whether for their fur or for their meat, are satanic and barbaric.”
    That statement in itself is illogical. You call it satanic and barbaric to harm an animal, while isn’t it said in the Bible that God gave man power over all living things? To eat and feed off of the animals below him?

  23. Jothika,
    As i said to your predecessors, kindly make the effort to read before you comment. May you receive in the same exact measure the blessing you invoked on me.

    I see you are in the other camp. I much prefer this interpretation, though I am not a believer.

    The Bible, Webb reminds us, begins with a prelapsarian peaceable kingdom, and history moves toward a time when we can recapture that harmony, a time when violence no longer rules and “the lion shall lie down with the lamb.” Contrary to the standard interpretation of man’s “dominion” over animals, meaning absolute despotic control, Webb makes clear that what the Bible intends is stewardship, husbandry and something like parental care, rather than savage or heedless “harvesting.”


    More here too.

  24. I see your point of view on that segment of my comment. Actually, I can except that. The thing I don’t get is that why are East Asians considered demonic barbarians to Americans just because they eat dog or cat? Is there a difference in eating a dog and eating a pig (or any other animal?) I see no difference, and I don’t understand why Asians are classified as some type of slaughtering evil race.

  25. JLee,
    Then you must also see that every single human race has its own bias, idiosyncracies and misgivings about all the other races too. To force, or want to, one’s own perceptions and beliefs on others is a natural part of being human.

    Take a look through the comments on this post, i’m sure you can see plenty of it in evidence.

    I don’t know if you are Chinese or Korean, but well if it helps, Chinese called the first Caucasians red haired devils they met and the term stuck.

  26. Hmm I can see and accept your point of view. Well thanks for clearing some things up. I’m probably not going to follow this conversation anymore but yeah, you’re completely right about races having stereotypes about each other. The racism is evident above. But yeah, I’m Korean and well it’s good to know that not every American or other race is hateful towards Asians. Thanks

  27. the letter b

    Well Calsifier, some of the nasty racist comments you received from the likes of Dean, Jose et al? It is because you put forth your arguments coherently and intelligently. And since they cannot argue coherently, they resort to below the belt insults. The only way they believe that could hurt you terribly.

    And that they felt **threatened** by the mere fact that we are as — gasp! – intelligent or even far more than they are. Pity, they only sully the good name of the more intelligent of their fellow Yanks.

    As for some of the “nasty” comments from our India-Indian friends — as if they are not aware that we have fellow ethnic Indians in our midst — their racist attitude towards Chinese shows. Besides it is not that they did not fully comprehend your post. They just want to start an argument for argument’s sake.

    Also, as if we are not aware of the fiction they like to perpetuate about themselves to the rest of the world.

  28. the letter b,

    and… long time no see!

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  30. Can someone give me a logical reason why dogs&cats are different than cows,pigs,chickens..? If you cant then you are one hypocrite mother f*cker.

  31. What do you expect for them today with the bodies they leave over after they skin them? I say they should ban asians from even having cats and dogs.

    AnimalSaviors.org — help fight for their rights.

  32. Ben,
    By your logic, every single human should be banned from contact with any living thing.

  33. No, I’m just saying the Asian governments should prevent their pain and suffering and just only make it legal to keep such animals as domestic pets and nothing more. How would you feel if you were skinned alive and thrown away to die with pain and suffering?

  34. Ah, now you’re making sense. However, which government would really care that much? Even the US is trying its best to kill off the polar bears and the Arctic eco-system with, dare I say it, unholy eagerness to open the area to oil-drilling.

    I’d also like to extend my previous postulations, for example: if you can see beyond what cat and dog-eating nations do to the poor animals, how would you feel to be ground up alive at 1 day old as chicken feed because you’re a male chick which is not going to lay eggs? Or being a female day old chick which escaped the death grind, be cramped into a coop with other female chicks, fed on a diet of feathers and ground up day old male chicks, diseased chickens and other rejected chicken parts, and when your accelerated growth reaches maturity, made to lay an egg a day imprisoned in a tiny cell where you can’t even stretch your wings or legs or even move about? You either die of stress, depression, injuries, or exhaustion, and even if you live beyond your egg-laying period, you are going to the slaughter house where more atrocities await you.

    And that’s just only ONE fine example of our treatment of animals outside of cat and dog-eating. The list goes on, Ben.

  35. There is no end to the stories of atrocities against animals in all lands. Calcifer, your honest insights are so valued and interesting.

    No one can point to any group of people and say ” you are worse than us”. That is if you believe killing animals for any reason is amoral. It just depends how far back in history you want to go, all our hands are dirty.

    I believe Western values are the only ones that will save many species before it is too late. It is the only culture with well formulated animal rights, laws and the right sensitivities.

    There is no real precedent for any culture, over long periods, of not eating meat, as far as I know. I suppose the Buddist, Janist and Hindus to some degree but their vegetarianism was more or less a specialty and something more easily sustained in a rich civilization, not a real survival strategy for the long haul. I could be wrong and if so will stand corrected. Nonetheless when starvation hits it is a good thing all those cows are around India.

    Humans would not have evolved the way they did and to the extent they did without eating meat, epecially cooked meat. You only have to look at the fossil record. This is not to say we cannot embrace another way or step, jump, climb out of the past. I just think it is important to understand where we all come from to see how deep meat eating goes into who we are and how human cultures have been shaped by it.

    I personally do not think eating meat is appropriate or moral today because I am lucky enough to live in a rich country and I have other nutritional options. And because I feel animals are sacred. I will not kill them lightly. When given the opportunity I will eat a herbivore that is from the wild, one that bred, fed and lived a good life.

    There is nothing sadder, and today more damaging than a culture/country on the upswing. To eat meat is to be rich and to be rich is to eat meat! The West went through its horrible phases of African hunting trips, eating wild songbirds, turtle eggs, everything else before our laws and increased sensitivity came into play in the 20th century. Now China has its well organized pits of hell to produce pots of Tiger Wine, to net and slaughter millions of shark; millions of middle class Africans are buying bush meat by the thousands of tons and decimating wild populations. The horror stories are many.

    Yes to be fair, the West now has made an art and megabusiness of slaughter and “animal-handling” with no rivals but still I think its moral values at this point in time are the most advanced. At least something to build on — individual rights, etc.

    In this fight you have to start somewhere. Does a chicken have the same value as a captive Tiger, or how about an endangered monkey? It is not right or fair to assign values, since all of them are equal, but where and how do you start to combat senseless waste and suffering?

    I can understand a poor person who needs to eat to live. There is no end to the education they would need to stop that. The middle class/government bureaucrat/businessperson, however, they are educated and succeptible to other ideas and they have enough money to do a lot of damage. These are the people who should be focused on and brought into Western values, at least. I know it is ridiculously biased in favor of my own culture, but I have not heard a convincing arguement of another culture that is really committed to saving wild and endangered animals, never mind indivual lives. If they are, it is because they learned it from the west. I am not in any way talking about individuals and their hearts. Just thinking how to make an impact where it counts.

    I honestly do not mean to be insulting in the least or to favor the West over the East. These are my views based on what I know. I am focused on action and results and so I follow the tactic I know.

  36. Mary Anne,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts candidly. Usually, I come to review comments here with an inward groan, since I know I will have to be deflecting shallow, thoughtless comments and sometimes really mean small-mndedness. So it’s a pleasant surprise to find comments like yours waiting.

    Looking at the fact that many, if not all, animal welfare and rescue initiatives in Asia are in fact started by Westerners, I have to agree somewhat with your view that “Western values are the only ones that will save many species before it is too late. It is the only culture with well formulated animal rights, laws and the right sensitivities.” My reservation is over the term “Western values” because I feel the values that have driven the Westerner founders to start whatever work they are doing for animals in China are universal. It’s jsut that not having arrived at the milestone, people in none 1st world countries tend not to see the need or urgency in the type of causes the westerners living among them take upon themselves to do. It does matter to the success of wildlife protection and other non-human causes, whether a person has his basic needs met.

    Yet, at the individual level, you will find stories and accounts of great sacrifice by people to help and save animals, even in China, and these are not always well-to-do people, merely commoners who do face issues with meeting their own basic needs. On the other hand, in western society, you also find stories that are so horrifying you wonder if the perpetrators are human, a situation that by all reckoning ought to be more “usual” in developing nations.

    So it does take all sorts, regardless of race, colour or creed.

    I am living in Singapore, a tiny island that basically does have the basic needs met. I am glad to say that ACRES, the local ngo for wildlife was started and staffed by locals, a rare but happy occurence. I do feel for them the obstacles and problems they face on a daily basis.

    As you say, western society, and culture are ahead of the curve. Though it also must be qualified by the fact that Western society ala the developed countries/1st world countries has been on the learning curve far earlier that the rest of the world. But they’ve not achieved Nirvana, as we can see from the atrocities still being committed day in and day out against animals in the name of fashion, greed, vanity, appetite and luxury. As a whole, humans still have a long way to go.

    In fact, looking back on our collective history, the base sum of every human culture and race seem to just varying degrees of atrocity. There is really no saying who were worser than whom.

    It seems almost a given and a certainty that countries shambling along after the 1st world countries on the development curve have to go through the same lessons as these countries did. Because as you say, someone who’s looking to survive or struggling to keep up isn’t going to spare or can’t afford to spare thoughts for the long-term, or compassion for the non-humans or even the deprived among our fellow humans.

    There really is no quick fix or fast solutions. However, sometimes I do wish the 1st world countries would be just a bit more forthcoming and generous in sharing the lessons they learnt from their journeys and offering help to the stragglers, just to mitigate the damage and problems their own journeys have given rise to. Then maybe there’ll be less collateral damage.

    Part of the problem is the way the west swaggers and brags about its accomplishment. You know what they say about the drive to one-up your neighbours, I’m sure. The mark of being 1st world are all western standards, and so can developing countries be blamed for emulating what the west has done to become 1st world? For blazing the same trail of damage that the 1st world countries have done before them?

    I am not trying to take down the western culture, but rather as an asian whose own views about animals and the environment are heavily influenced by the west, I see the good and bad of the many facets to our world’s conundrum. I try to de-romanticise the common conceptions about the west, and refrain from tainting what I feel shameful about eastern cultures with personal bias. Sometimes it is tough but I try! 🙂


  37. Thank you for your thoughtful and intelligent response, calcifer. I appreciate the opportunity to converse if you have time to indulge me.

    You are so right — in so many ways the West has blazed a damaging trail that the non-West feels compelled to follow at the peril of us all — human and non-human. (You know what is behind anyone who swaggers too much — fear, of course, ignorance too – oy!)

    Perhaps I should clarify my meaning of “values” to apply only to cultural ones, not personal ones (or lack of) because I think there can be a world of difference between the two, as you point out. The power of culture to influence individual choices and actions, though, is tremendous.

    So, we are still left with this: how to adopt the basic foundation of animal rights that exists in the West/its culture, yet not also adopt the exploitative aspects of that same culture? Am I on course here?

    I think one thing you do need is democracy because without it the hearts of the people will not be heard or followed. You cannot expect oligarchies or state-run societies or elitist institutions to listen to the people. The purpose is to exploit the earth in all forms, human and non-human. At least democracy gives you some balance to greed/power. They lie to you, yes, but at least there is some media, courts, laws, accountability.

    I am certainly ill equipped, as is the UN, the US, the EU to figure out how to bring democracy to the rest of the world. As arrogant as it sounds, it is still the best option from a bad list. Maybe when the East or Africa or whoever does the freedom thing better they will not call it “democracy”, but there needs to be more egalitarian rights for the populace. I hope it does not take too long for them to figure it out.

    I think that the East has tremendous power and potential to set the stage for the next phase of human development and a new path that takes the best from the West while also respecting the earth and its creatures, and recognizing limits. I hope that day will come one day. I think that at least Obama will move more toward a world stage to support the East, the non-West unlike the last idiot.

    Sorry to bring this so far out of the important issue of protecting animals.

    Even under oppression, heroism can make a difference. Even though it is only one animal, we can make a difference.

    In my dreams every night I dream of animals who need help, when I wake up lately I think of governments.

  38. Mary Anne,
    Sorry for the delayed response, had a few kitty minionly duties to discharge first =)

    Also, I needed to mull over a response to your take on democracy. I hope this will make sense.

    If I I was still that tweenager I was, full of idealism and romanticised notions about democracy, I would wholeheartedly agree with you. But now, older and with a bit of life – experience if not wisdom, I have my reservations.

    Quite simply, democracy cannot be just handed over to a populace and left to its own devices. Compare the state of things in the US, to what has happened in the former USSR and now is happening in Nepal. Even the 1st world democracies of Europe aren’t fully “democratic”, with vestigal traditions of feudal rule still lingering on in the form of constitutional democracy.

    Not that the real state of things in the US is a perfect report card, even the acknowledgment of minority voting rights happened only as recently as 1960s(?). However, the US is a constitution that’s been growing and developing for 2 centuries and there’s no denying the progression. Compare what democracy meant when George Washington took office and what it is today ( though I’ll discount what the current Presidency has devolved in the name of … whatever 😉 )

    Simply put, democracy may be the desired end-result of the collective human civilisation’s evolution. However, it can’t be hot-housed.

    I also believe democracy is a not a licence for unrestrained free-will. Free-will, or the perception of being able to do as one pleases without consequence, has to be tampered with responsibility – again looking at what is happening all over the world, with focus on places as diverse in their current constitutional models as the Congo, Russia, China, the US, and my own backyard of the South-East Asian nations. Again, humans have put in a mixed report card, the good bits shored by by the western democracies, which still have their share of atrocities… So!

    Basically, whatever the constitutional model, I believe that to get people to care for matters outside of themselves, they need to be first redeemed/rescued/removed from survival mode. Along the way, they need to be made aware that the world is not just made up of humans and petty human concerns like economics.

    You say: “In my dreams every night I dream of animals who need help, when I wake up lately I think of governments.” I think that’s true. We need to be able to govern ourselves, the problem is, we’re not doing an adequate job of it.

  39. Dean Fredericks is a goddamn fucking retard. Have fun with your trophy hunting, you white people seem to love that. Oh and doesn’t the US and Europe have the highest per capita meat consumption in the world?


  40. Hi Calcifer,

    I know what you mean, democracy is not even really democracy even in the US and EU, but the best of the worst is still the best. The old individual vs. society will always be a conflict, especially when there are so many people. Our world is a much different place than the one French philosophers lived in. I think the “monied interests” and the “elites” or the “mafia”, or whatever you want to call them will always bully their way to the government no matter what form.

    I have to run now but just wanted to respond to let you know how much I enjoyed our discourse. I am actually making a little art product and I had you in mind a bit. If it turns out nice, I will let you know. : )

    Thanks for fighting the good fight!

    Mary Anne

  41. Hi Mary Anne,
    Apologies again for the belated response. I was wondering if there’s more stuff I can add to my ramble. But I decided to stop chasing the proverbial tail and not be-labour the point. I guess we can at least agree that things are in a mess, but it’s not totally hopeless. There’s work to do and thankfully, there’s people doing it, but it’s not sunshine and happiness forever hereafter… yet.

    Art product? Are you an artist/craftsman? Wow. Hope to get a glimpse of it when it’s ready, that’s if you’re ok to do so of course.

    =) Thanks for breaking the monotony of the comments here. Take care.

  42. Charles Wilder

    Disgusting perverts. People eating cats and dogs should be eradicated from the planet. I don’t hate many, but I really detest these low-lifes. I am disgusted to have accidentally come across this site.

    Worse than child molesters.


  44. First things first. All human beings are born with the ability to eat both meat and vegetables. Therefore, to say that we cannot and should not eat meat at all is just ridiculous. Otherwise, go tell a tiger not to eat meat and give it veggies.

    Second, do you honestly think Westerners are excluded in this? Do you think Westerners would never eat a dog or cat? Think about when Americans were crossing the frontier. We only hear of teh famous stories. I’m sure what you don’t hear is how when a family travelling west ran out of food, tried to get their dog to hunt, but can’t find anything, will kill their dog to eat and survive. You can try to deny it of course, but I’m going to assume that you’d rather let your family starve than save them w/ the only source of food available at that time.

    Why do Asians generally eat dog meat? It is straight forward food. Furthermore, when you’re raised with certain beliefs and emotions instilled into those beliefs, you’re going to either revolt at this thought, or be indifferent about it. food is food, and when you’re poor as the MAJORITY of the Chinese are, you can’t choose what to eat. Dogs happen to be around – among the only meats available without having to go out and hunt.

    Besides, all these slaying of cats and dogs being a disgrace… You know what’s more disgraceful? Homocides, rapes, and robberies, especially from a human TO a human! So what’s worse??

    So Asians eat dog meat and all the other exotic foods. If you want to protest to their government, be a citizen of China and do it. Clearly, the Chinese government closed down all shops that served dog meat as a staple during teh Beijing Olympics. But if you’re going to attempt to make the Chinese government end their staple diet, don’t be surprised when the result is mass homocide/robberies for money to buy the “acceptable” (as seen by Westerners) meats to eat. Not only that, but it’ll just become a blackmarket thing. And if you noticed, it’s very hard to shut down black markets without much bloodshed.

    george, is a human life worth less to you than the animals? If so, be prepared to have people shout at you to do what you say to your friends, maybe some family members, anyone around you, and the high class people – even if they’re not Chinese culturally.

  45. Minty Fresh,
    You want to say your piece FOR dog and cat meat eating, fine. But 2 pieces of information your stance is obviously deficient in:
    1. It is a fact that cat and dog meat ARE NOT staples in the Chinese diet, they’re merely “warming” food for winter, aka options, just like other exotic meats. For example, civet cat is another popular winter food option. They’re wild-caught and was only banned for a short while after the SARS scare.
    2.. The cruelty in the way the cats and dogs are captured, transported, and killed know no bounds.

    Do your research before you try to bring hell and high water to those whose views are opposite from your own, Minty Fresh. Otherwise it is just so much sloshing slush, inconvenient but harmless.

    Your statement about black markets is confuzzling. I’m glad you do notice that “it’s very hard to shut down black markets without much bloodshed. ” Black markets exist because of human wants and others’ willingness to supply it. But then, so much human problems come from black markets. Are you then advocating black markets? Are you aware of the human-rights, environmental problems black markets cause? Or are you applying caveat emptor again, and support shutdowns only of those markets that directly trade in human concerns? By your reasoning, to stop black markets, intellectual piracy, prostitution and slavery should be legalised all over the world no? Very typical of the tunnel-vision syndrome that human-advocators suffer from.

    Another thing. You say “Besides, all these slaying of cats and dogs being a disgrace… You know what’s more disgraceful? Homocides, rapes, and robberies, especially from a human TO a human! So what’s worse??”

    I really don’t understand people like you, who seem to put so much store by suffering, again caveat: human suffering. How do you qualify pain and fear suffered by non-humans, the so called lesser beings, as being less worthy of attention? Again, go find out about how cat and dog meat are prepared before you affirm the higher worthiness of human suffering.

  46. these gook motherfuckers are the enemy of this earth conciousless vermin i hope aids wipes them out

  47. I have a lot of angry words for the narrow-minded people (e.g. person above me) who read this article and proceeded to use bad language and racism to put down entire groups.

    So, you guys, you individuals, SUCK and you’re the ones dragging down the rest of the human race. Crawl back in your caves, racism is so last century!

  48. Dee,
    🙂 I have learnt to not bother with those, unless it seemed like the comment requires a response.

    [EDIT]… or if I’m feeling peeved.

  49. In general I think the argument against Asian people eating cat and dog meat is flawed. How can you quantify the value of a life? What makes eating a dog or cat worse than an animal such as a cow or chicken? Many of you have turned to racist comments and remarks because you cannot use a logical defense. Perhaps you should go check what you have in your refrigerator. The problem of animal cruelty and abuse is not just the problem of China it is an international concern.

  50. I love animals and I am a vegetarian, but not because I dislike the taste of meat. I dislike, hate and am angered by the way the animals are treated. Not just in Asia, but all over the world.
    I have nothing against eating meat, and in my opinion, if you can eat a pig, you might as well eat a dog or a cat. No animals life is worth more or less than anothers.
    If people just respected animals and and treated them better the world would be a much better place, but people will never learn.

  51. Basically, people in Asia eat cat/dog meat because IT IS MEAT YOU FUCKING LIBERAL RETARD.

    The same way we eat chicken and pork is the same way people in Asia eat dog and cat, in Peru eat guinea pig, and in other places I can’t remember.

  52. You people think it is cruel the way the asians kill animals for food when they have no grudge against them – Wait to you see the way they make people die in a war when they hate them. You don’t see it on the history channel but when the nips tried to invade china mutilation and slow death by torture was the norm, no one was allowed a swift and as painless as possible death. Do your homework and see what sub-human beasts the asians are… Asians have no souls…

  53. AngerMan,
    Tsk! Name-calling, and unimaginatively too, seems like a typical characteristic of you uptight ultra-conservatives. So anyone who don’t see the way you do is a retard and a liberal? No wonder the GOP is flopping. I pity the conservatives who aren’t quite so tunnel-visioned as you. But hey, here’s a new thought: Humans are meat too, so why should it concern anyone what the tribes in the deep forests of Papua New Guinea elect to eat??? Nor that there are Hannibals plying trade among people?

    And you, DKDeckmann, ought to do your homework and keep current of affairs before shooting your mouth off. How are Asians any less soulless than Europeans or Americans? You wanna equate meat-eating with war atrocities and talk about soullessness and the cruelties of war? Fine. I’ll be kind and give a clue to you: Israel attacking Palestine. If that’s too new for you, try Guantanamo Bay, closer to home if not your era.

    And in case you’re actually going to try to go back on topic, as I said to Dean Fredericks:

    “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”

    While I get the gist of your message, I do not agree with the meanness of your post. There are any number of non-Asians who are guilty of the same “do not care about animals suffereing, do not care if animals are endangered” that Asians are associated with. For eg:
    The cruel ways in which Greece got rid of homeless cats and dogs in the name of the Athens Olympics 2004
    Foie Gras. Viva La France, oui?
    – EU moves to ban cat and dog fur. With how the West goes on about humane animal treatment, and the professed Western affection for pet cats and dogs, why is the EU only now moving to ban cat and dog fur?
    Canadians hold annual Harp Seal Massacre
    The truth about white tigers. The American obsession with threatens the conservation of tigers, which are critically endangered.

    That’s just a drop in the ocean of humanity’s collective cruelty, Dean Fredericks, which you should have considered before you launched into your small-minded diatribe.

    But i must thank you for demonstrating that meanness of spirit and mind, egotism, ignorance are universal, not race specific.

  54. To all Dog and Cat eaters….

    Your small mentally and spiritually and I hope you evaluate to a better human been.

    Just because some one rapes,kills,pedo,eat dogs/cat/horses and others crazy things does not allow you to make it.

    Also for the person that said they eat horse your just like most Americans like to use up things like in the Vietnam where US left all the DOG-Soldiers that fight with US true the war our like the thousands of horse who run in race and work for you and when he break a leg you put him to die.

    Also for the Chinesse that likes to talk about gov,West people and etc your funny shit I bet you have already eaten a dog our cat to speak like you speak.

    Also to all americans (Follow the Italian ethics) ban all Asian import’s and tax and lost itens in the mail.

    That’s destroyng the USA economy.

    PS: USA does not hold the height’s morals in the world so stop acting like you (American) due, if you want to say you have the army that likes to fight wars and loses almost all but couple than that’s ok.

  55. I think the issue about eating animals (whether they are chicken, or pork, or dogs) is mainly the horrible way they are slaughtered.

    Different cultures will have different perceptions about different animals: whereas in Europe we see kittens as family members and cute companion animals, some other cultures may consider them as just another edible animal. While I cringe at the thought of eating cats or dogs, objectively this is not the essence of the problem.

    The problem is that animals are treated badly and tortured by all human cultures. This is the thing that we should all fight to stop. Whether we should eat animals or not is a separate topic and individual opinions will differ, but regardless of the species we eat, we should at all times treat them well. They are live creatures too and deserve to be raised in good conditions, nurtured and cared for.

  56. Anja,
    You are right of course. But then not everybody see the pain and the cruelty that is inflicted on so called “food” that gets put on the table, already cleaned, seasoned, and nicely presented. So what do you do then to get people to see and not partake in the cruelty?

  57. calsifer,
    It’s hard to say what could work or if this industry could ever be stopped. People tend to give no importance to the welfare of animals, which is a very sad thing I personally feel ashamed of.

    Though, I’d say that constantly spreading information about the cruel ways animals are treated should open more eyes and sensitize people.

    Speaking for myself, I confess I never thought about the way some animals are treated in the industry. I simply *wasn’t aware* of the way they are slaughtered. I didn’t even imagine it could be so bad. Later I saw the tremendous cruelty humans inflict on them, just to obtain profit and I was truly disgusted. I find it harder now to eat meat, and I prefer avoiding it. I want to become fully vegetarian later on, or at least eat animals that were raised in the country side, with proper care and adequate conditions.

    So basically, for most people it’s a matter of ignorance or indiference (invoking the argument “bigger injustices happen, why bother about animals too?”). I plan to inform more people about the injustices that are done to animals, and sensitize them about this.

  58. Anja,
    Total agreement. However, I also find that people have a great capacity for denial. Most will refuse to see, no matter what.

    Don’t get me wrong, I was flabbergasted when I first learnt about it, and yet it took me a while, a long while, to work it through too.

    But the rest of the world won’t keep in step. Since talking about the food on their table discomforts them, then perhaps getting them to think about cruelty to non-traditional food animals may make them think and connect the dots.

    Good luck on your quest to become vegetarian, it’s a tough road to walk but you’ve got company =)

  59. Wow. Why are there so many people even indulging this topic? Apparently we (myself included) have nothing better to do than indulge these mentally challenged racists by responding to them. It is never an issue of East versus West, or about differences in culture. These topics only masquerade as such to give ignorant troglodytes a forum on which they can spew spiteful comments and showcase their idiocy for the world to see.
    It is simple. If you kill a living thing, for food, for sport, for pleasure, then you have taken a life and must bear that burden. It matters not whether it is a spider or a great blue whale. And if you take a life and do not do it cleanly, you have caused suffering, and that is also your burden to bear.
    I kill spiders in my house and eat a burger now and then, and I never kid myself into thinking that I have not inflicted pain, or that the suffering that I have caused was for any reason other then my own selfishness or convenience.
    And be careful what you say about Asians. The way the global economy is moving these days, every one of you will end up working for one before long.

  60. I can’t understand why the majority of Asians are not outraged and appalled by the barbaric acts of cruelty involved in the cat and dog meat trade. How can so many people be so apathetic to the suffering of these loving and loyal animals? A dog IS different to a cow or sheep or chicken.Dogs have an inbred affinity with man – they are not known as man’s best friend for nothing. They are trained to help the blind and deaf, sniff out drugs, save people from the ruins of earthquakes and generally give unconditional love.
    Is it because so many Asians are complete atheists that they lack compassion and empathy for defenceless animals? The people who commit such torturous acts of cruelty on these dogs and cats need wiping off the face of the earth!

  61. L,
    Thanks for sharing – and I respect your views.

    After having been on blogosphere for a while, I have learnt that even a simple discussion about the possible reasons for Chinese eating cats and dogs will invariably attract racist hacks to shove their two bit in just because it involves “Chinese” and “Asians”.

    Even nationalistic pride has reared its unwieldy head. Koreans, Vietnamese and Hong Kongers are also guilty. I have not implicated the so-far non-guilty like the Japanese or the Indians, and yet they are represented by 3 commentors already.

    Are you saying it is ok to perpetuate the “barbaric acts of cruelty involved in the cat and dog meat trade” if the animals were not equipped with brownie points for being useful to man or give “unconditional love” or viewed as deserving as such? Who has the right to pass such judgment on the animal victims? Poor chickens and ducks, and pigs and cows of the United Kingdom!

    Are you also saying the religious are not cruel? That if it was the religious who perpetrated such cruelties it is acceptable to you? Are so-called delicacies like veal and foie gras acceptable if the geese were force-fed and the calves deprived of sustenance by the religious in the name of making foie gras and veal, and eaten by the religious?

    You obviously think religion is the bulwark of compassion and kindness and that it is the difference between you and Asians. You have no idea how small that view is. Religion is the sorriest excuse in existence – read up on the religious composition of Asia and China, the Black Death of the middle ages, cruelties of gourmet food and google factory farming before you superglue lack of compassion with lack of religion.

  62. good luck to anybody that wants to eat dog or cat. im australian and growing up i learnt that dog is mans best friend, cant imagine eating one of my mates : )

    • Eating one of YOUR mates… It is documented fact that the nips not only ate human flesh, but not from the dead enemy, but from the living ones. It was common practice to slice off as much meat was needed from a prisoner, not too much, not to kill them all at once, you see dead meat would go bad, keep the supply alive as long as you can so you can have fresh meat. EVIL soul-less bastards. They deserved a fate much worse than they got. They should be wiped from the face of the earth.

  63. Let them eat dogs if they must, but they shoud be humanely slaughtered, not have their bones broken then left to agonize for a couple of days before their pads are cut off and allowed to slowly bleed to death.

    Ever heard of Swift’s ProTen meat? Beef. A solution containing meat tenderizing enzymes, such as bromelin, which comes from pineapple, is injected into the cows jugular vein a half hour or so before slaughter and left to circulate so the tenderizer get to all of the animal… I guess asians aren’t the only ones without souls. Isn’t Swift’s french owned?

  64. you are sick fucking people eat anything and everything

    • You of course eat anything your generation was told to yes?
      I’m afraid your point of being sick people has very little meaning

  65. I think that in some parts of Asia eating dog or cat meat is jsut like people in the USA eating cow meat or chicken.
    Well if the animals are beaten to death or killed inhumanely then i think it is wrong. And the fact that dogs and cats are violent in captivity such as a ‘farm’ sounds kinda cruel. I have some friends who live in china and they love animals, not wanting to eat cat or dog. ever ^^

  66. “Further afield, another one of my pet rant is the whale-hunting sham of the Japanese. One strange thing about the Japanese and eating whales is that whales were not a traditional part of the Japanese gastro-culture. Apparently, whale meat became popular in Japan after the economic collapse casued by WWII. Their defense of their right to eat whale as tradition, is in short, a load of bull.”

    Fail… it says that Japan has a long history of whaling. And whaling isn’t something that is exactly unique to Japan.


    Anyway, if something is endangered then they shouldn’t hunt for them.

    As for dog/cat eating… well, who cares, they’re only animals. Most of us eat animals meat everyday and wouldn’t think twice about it. I’ve even heard that dogs tasted okay lol. But of course people would only care about them if they are cute and cuddly.

    Again, as long as people don’t hunt animals to extinction, then I think that it’s okay.

    • blah,
      Tsk tsk, I can only conclude you have a comprehension problem and enjoy dicing with deuce-dom. I wouldn’t have bothered with fly-by comments like yours except to set the record straight for would-be fray-jumpers since yours is the first overt pro-whaling comment. I know it probably won’t work since the malaise is so prevalent, it is only a matter of time before others sharing your affliction charge in.

      But I try to cling on to hope so let me lay it out for you, blah:
      1) Wikipedia serves well as a quick reference, but don’t tell me that’s all you’re living your words by? Very weak to pick articles with the Wiki “neutrality in question” disclaimer header for your argument’s foundation.

      2) The planet you live on must be nice: whales there are not endangered, extinction is defined by you, and it is ok to beat dogs and cats to death to make their meat taste sweeter.

      Let me help you know the truth on this planet called the real world by sharing some whale stats with you – CLICK HERE and scroll down until you see the table under “Whale Species Population and Status”. You’re on your own after that, blah. I hope you do try to do some work yourself and read up – some helpful hints: ESA, IUCN, CITES.

  67. “To be fair, and I am saying this objectively, there are also many people who do not eat meat at all – vegetarianism is a big part of being devout Buddhists and Taoists (except Japan where I understand the concept of total meat abstinence does not exist).”

    Omg, no offense, but you really need to do your homework… Eating land animals in Japan was banned by their rulers for a very long time in feudal Japan based on religious grounds. That’s why most of the Japanese food are either vegetarian or seafoods -_-.

    • blah,
      ZOMG! You mean you do not know the nearest the Japanese have to the noun vegetarian is the romanised “bejetarian”, derived from English, as with many words which do not have native (and here I’m still referring to Japan) equivalent? How bleh.

      The Japanese concept of vegetarian is not in synch with the conventional definition. Even the stock for the plainest miso soup contains “seafood” ingredients.

      blah’s homework topics: 1) Show 3 conventional/traditional Japanese vegetarian recipes that are readily available in Japanese eateries and 2) research vegetarianism, global and in Japan. Most vegetarians outside of Japan consider “seafoods” as deserving of respect as land animals and do consider them part of the real vegetarian diet. Fish, squid and octopuses do bleed, and when hauled out of the ocean, “drown” in air; whales of course drown in their own blood caused by harpoons exploding inside their bodies, but whale or otherwise, all “seafoods” die slow, painful deaths.

      Eating land animals in Japan was banned for nearly a thousand years until the 18th century. So? Given that Japan borrows the noun for vegetarians from English and still ate non-animals during all those centuries and continue to do so, my statement that the concept of total meat abstinence does not exist is not negated, but substantiated.

  68. I know of asians with HUGE dicks.

  69. Any one of you defending eating cats, dogs, or whales is wrong. Do you not realize that the exotic animal smuggling trade is largely because people want to eat these animals? How is it fair that exotic animals, some of which are already endangered, are captured and sold because some Asian wants to eat them? Who looks at whales or dogs and thinks “hmmm tasty,” or sees a picture of a Monkey and immediately wants to cook it. In America, children that torture household pets is a common warning sign of a serial killer. And that is the difference, you don’t have cows as pets, they are not companion animals like dogs or cats. This is like excusing dogfighting because it’s “cultural,” give me a break.