IMP Info for Singaporeans feeding Natural Balance

(Update 20 Apr 07: Natural Balance specific pet food recall info and news.)

(Update 19 Apr 07: Venison wet food is also being recalled.)

If you’re in Singapore and feeding your kitties Natural Balance venison with green peas kibbles, you’d be concerned with this news (first reported 15 Apr).

We’ve made enquiries with our pet supplies lady and here’s the gist of the situation where Singapore is concerned:

  • NB received 7 feedback that some pets are ill after eating the venison formula
  • so, as a precaution they are holding back the batch manufactured 2 weeks ago
  • considering the time it takes for shipments to get here, the NB sold in here is safe that batch apparently is not sold here.
  • So far, no FDA issued recall warning for NB
  • NB has their food manufacturing plant and only makes their own formulae, the scale and complexity of the menu food fiasco is a result of all those brands outsourcing their manufacturing process, hence the much higer risks, impacts, and implications.

Nevertheless, please do call your pet supplies store and confirm/ alert them about this.

And of course, watch your kitty for signs of illness.


One response to “IMP Info for Singaporeans feeding Natural Balance

  1. Big Ears is not eating well and lethargic and we just got back from Dr Ed on Sunday and after much struggle we gave her a steroid jab and monitor. Going to the vet is the most stressful for Big Big. Guess I have to go back to Dr Ed asap… I AM VERY WORRIED NOW 😦