Foster Mum’s homeseeker: Panda

(Must read: Cat care refs.)

UPDATE: Panda has been adopted in late August.


“Hi, I am Panda! Like my namesake, I am 1000% loveable, but you don’t have to go to a zoo to see me. Take me home and for every bit of love you give me, I’ll give you back 20 bits! I’m a gentle giant who LOVES people. But I won’t insist if you decline my invitation to provide scritches. No hard feelings at all. I am litter-bin trained, sterilised and vaccinated, and ready to go home!”

Vid: Panda extends an invitation: “Can you give me some scritches?”

Panda was rescued from the jaws of death, literally. Despite his ordeal, he totally trusts people, still. Please give him a home where he will be loved for the rest of his life.






(Must read: Cat care refs.)


11 responses to “Foster Mum’s homeseeker: Panda

  1. Hi Foster Mum

    How old is Panda ? Is he adopted ?


  2. Mar,
    Panda is still available. Will contact you via email shortly.

  3. hi hello there… interested in adopting your cat….panda
    my cat juz died…and it looked juz like panda…so my family is looking for a replacement as soon as possible……

    pls contact me at xxxxxxxx


  4. Arib
    First, my condolences about your cat’s death.

    Second, I’m concerned about the reason for your wanting to adopt Panda. I hope you understand my concerns as Panda (nor his fellow cats) is not a toy. Cats should not be viewed as objects to be easily replaced. I get the impression that you seem impulsive to just want a replacement, and that’s not a good sign to me – would anyone ask to replace a dead relative/friend, especially one who’s just passed on?

    Still, I will contact you shortly to check out to assess your suitability to adopt Panda.

    But please understand that ultimately, it also depends on how well the potential adopter, you, interacts with the cat, Panda or whoever else you pick. So what if Panda looks physically like your cat, Panda is not and will never be your dead cat’s clone. Can you deal with that?

    PS I blanked out your contact number for your safety and privacy… you seem very young and there are a lot of dangers in handing out your RL info so readily.

  5. Hi……

    There are a few question of Panda.

    Is Panda still available?My family is willing to adopt a kiitten or cat as soon as possible.

    The most important question is
    Does Panda get along with cats or kitten?

  6. Zarifah,
    Yes Panda is still available, as far as I know.

    As for questions on him, please ask Foster Mum. I’ve passed her contact number to your mum, Dee, so you can talk to her directly.

    As ever, I would suggest that you visit the cattery – there are many many cats, and kittens, waiting for good homes to go to.

    Good luck with your search!

  7. PS. He’s in a cattery with many cats, so that says something about whether he can get along with other cats, right?

    But as I also shared with your mum, when you first bring a cat home, you need to be mindful of Introducing a new kit into the bloc: How To Avoid the “Wham! Bam! Hissy-Fits” Syndrome

    PPS Why the urgency to bring a new cat home, Zarifah?

  8. Hi it`s me again.There an urgency because I can`t wait to have a new member of the family.My mum has promised me but I can`t wait no longer.Everyday I would tell my mummy when will we have a cat she will say that she have to find a suitable cat.I have been on the website for this past few days and keep to ask her “Can I have I-pod,Na-Na or Panda?”

  9. Hi Zarifah,
    I see. I can understand why you would be anxious then! =)

    But try not to let your feelings get over your head, if you know what I mean. Don’t pressure yourself over it.

    As a guardian hoping to find homes for cats, I wouldn’t be happier if I can get every cat a home asap, but these things can’t be rushed – I’ve got cats who only needed a few days to get a home, and I’ve also had cats, and still have at least 1, who waited 2 years or more for homes. The wait is long, arduous and frankyl, at times it seems hopeless, but the homes these long-stayers get are beyond compare. Their new parents aren’t rich materially, but boy do the kitties get TLC.

    As someone who’s got 5 cats in the home, I’m auntie while my sis btmao is the mum, and a whole horde of homeless cats we care for, I definitely get why you feel the way you do – you want a cat of your very own. But trust me, don’t rush. Sometimes, it isn’t a matter of what you deem suitable, the cat picks you too and he/she won’t respect any checklist you might have made – consciously or otherwise.

    Go with your feel, and whichever cat you bring home, you will know you were meant for each other. So take your time, and remember that any cat you pick should probably be ok with the rest of your family too, since you all live under the same roof.

    Good luck.

  10. ood morning! Both my fiance and I have been thinking of adopting a cat in the
    near future (when we get our own place that is).

    We’d like to interact with them first for several times to see if our
    personalities (the cats’ and ours) match. We feel that this is very important as
    a pet is for life. This kitty is going to be part of our family – our adopted ‘baby’.

    Are there catteries that would allow us to visit them and look for our potential ‘baby/babies’, please?

  11. Maz,
    Yes, there are. Foster Mum’s cattery for one. However, Foster Mum’s cattery, like most shelters, is not publicised because of dumping concerns.

    Perhaps it’s more appropriate to take this offline. Email us sephycat at gmail dot com.