Remember the bears: Documentary tonight

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Bears have a special soft spot on my heart (yes, another soft spot among many) . Especially what they go through to provide Traditional Chinese Medicine with what is easily available in pill form that does not involve such cruelty, among assorted cruelties we inflict on them. Yes, I’m talking about the Moon Bears of China, who are held captive by their bile.

What is Bear Bile Farming? Check out’s bear pages through this page or this list on WSPA

I have a date with the bears tonight. Please do try to check out this wonderful documentary too. It airs tonight and tomorrow.

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Watch Animal Planet’s “Moon Bears: Journey to Freedom” tonight, Friday 22’nd June or tomorrow, Saturday 23’rd June!

Dear calsifer,

Last year Animal Planet were on site with us in Chengdu shooting a One-Hour Special, “Moon Bears: Journey to Freedom”. The programme is screening again tonight and tomorrow in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines and Thailand at the following times. (NB all times listed are Singapore/Hong Kong time):

Friday 22’nd June

Saturday 23’rd June

Please do your utmost to watch it. This exciting documentary showcases the growing support in China sparked by our work to end bear farming and is a wonderful in depth behind the scenes look at the daily trials and tribulations.

We always remember that this journey has only been made possible through the fantastic support of each and everyone of you. Please do tune in, meet many of the wonderful bears and see how our work has sparked a seachange in attitudes towards animal welfare throughout China.

Warm wishes,
Annie Mather
Executive Director, Head of Media

Now to the question burning in your mind – why another soft spot, why bears?

This is a good list of the things that bears suffer, because of our fellow man. Is it exhaustive? Hardly. But it is a decent start-list.

Bears are often seen as lumbering giants who have nothing to fear. While it is mind-boggling, the truth is bears everywhere need saving, from us.

(If you find this post informative, you might like to check out these.)


3 responses to “Remember the bears: Documentary tonight

  1. Tag, you’re it! Join the Save the Bears, Save the World Meme started by FiveCatsMom. Stop bear bile farming today.

  2. Thanks for the meme, FiveCatsMom. Did you watch the docu? I cried near the end, for various reasons, one of them being the recent death of Andrew, AnimalsAsia‘s first bear rescue. He’s a sweetie and is the cutie on the org’s wriststrap (can be viewed on their Gift Shop accessed here… which I treasure very much.

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