Their unbearable future – can we make it better?

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I had asked you to remember the bears. But a lot of the info and the happenings may understanding seem far and remote, of no concern to us here in Singapore. But budak, with 2 posts about bears and their wild brethren, show the proximity, the nearness of the oft careless, and sometimes casual cruelties, that non-humans suffer under us:

20 Jun 2007

An Unbearable Future

About halfway through his presentation, bear researcher Wong Siew Te showed a duotone slide. Pictured was a small sun bear cub, with a rather rotund body and bright, pleading eyes. It was trussed up like a chicken. Right after the photograph was taken by a Japanese researcher in Borneo, the cub was taken to a kitchen and slaughtered as it screamed.

This is the fate of most bears that come into contact with men in this region. (continue reading)

22 Jun 07

A hunger that knows no bounds

Still on bears, the twisted thoughts who like their paws on a plate are highlighted in the June 2007 issue of the Malaysian Naturalist (published by the Malayan Nature Society), which in a feature article, “Eating On The Wild Side”, showed a grizzly picture of a pair of detached pads wrapped in newsprint. Across the country, wildmeat restaurants serving bears, mousedeer, pangolins, serows, leopards and tigers continue to cater to diners with a taste for dubious tonics at a rate beyond the means of enforcement officers. (continue reading)

Budak is very kind in calling the human gastronomical fetishes a hunger. It is pure base gluttony and I expect much better of Homo Sapiens.

(If you find this post informative, you might like to check out these.)


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