Are you abusing your pet dog with “love”

We are advocates of respect for life, even the mutt that begs for scraps at your dining table. IT may be hard to imagine but there are dogs like Ernie (Poor Little Rich Dog: Ernie is healthy, wealthy, and abused)

While our efforts centre mainly on cats – TNRM, rehoming – we are concerned about the non-cats too. Beggars can’t be choosers they say, and it is true that for most cats looking for homes, it is a difficult situation because they’re either not cute cuddly irresistible kittens or they’re just plain everyday moggies. But does that mean that the ones stepping forward to provide the roofs over the kitty heads is done dispensing responsibility by providing food, water, and medical attention? As fosters/rehomers, we do have to put on a somewhat jaundiced eye and do our due diligence, to minimise the possibility that the cats we rehome are worse-off than if they had remained in the cattery or the streets.

Take Austen, and Aaren and her babies. Their full story is not yet told, because I am still too upset for them to piece everything together for a coherent blog entry. But looking at the circumstantial evidence, you’d not be wrong to assume they could want for anything. After all, they were adopted by a family of highly-paid professionals that between them are an eclectic mix of doctors, lawyers, architects and entrepreneur-businessmen-landlords. So it is, they could want for nothing if dispensing responsibility by providing food, water, and medical attention is all there is to being a pet-parent.

Dogs too, may suffer in the midst pf plenty. Ernie is a perfect example.

There exist only degrees of abuse for pet animals that end up in such families.

There is another more sinister angle to this abuse-by-love phenomenon. Many young couples adopt an animal as practise for when they have human children of their own. The problem is, what happens to the animal who have provided the couples with the trial run?

Having read about “Another mom who loathes her ‘practice child’” on blog, I can’t help but feel this is another aspect of exploitation and abuse. The full ‘practise child’ loathing article is here: Demoting the Dog.

So, have you really shown concern for your pet animal, nay, companion animal lately? Do you know if he or she is happy and contented, or scared and troubled? Do you recognise your duty and responsibility as the guardian of your companion animal?

(Ref: Man’s best friend ’stressed-out’)


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